2004 YZ125 Steel frame..for free!

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1/29/2019 8:08 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/29/2019 8:11 PM

We had a guy drop this bike off at our house, needed bottom/top end, plus a full suspension rebuild. After we tore it down and gave him a price it sat at our place for almost two years before he finally got back to us. Said he didn't want to spend the money, and that we could have it for $100..with the new OEM top end kit he gave us! After seeing the bike still had the original tires dated 2003, as well as original chain and sprockets I jumped on it. All new OEM bottom end/bearings/transmission bearings/cylinder/top end. Wear items like chain slider/guide, brake pads, etc. were replaced. Steering/linkage bearings were good. Total parts cost with the powder coating was $2450 USD.

PC Pipe/Silencer
VForce 3 Reeds
Renegade Suspension Revalve/Springs
Galfer Oversized Front Rotor
Pro Taper 7/8 Bars
Renthal Grips
OEM Plastic Conversion Kit
MX33 Tires
Works Connection Frame Guards
GYTR graphics off eBay
Attack Seat Cover
Squish at .035"
JD Jet Kit
Sintered Brake Pads
Tusk Blue Carb Lines

The bike as it sat waiting for the guy to get back to us:

Frame back from powder coat (Swingarm/subframe not in pic)

Coming together..

Almost there..

Finished product. Wanted a simple, clean, factory look. A little pissed the "3" doesn't line up. I have the decals on perfectly centered, and the other side lined up nice. Not sure if it was a misprint or what, oh well.


Thinking I might add a braided front cable with the ride engineering bracket for the modern cable routing, but other than that I should be good to go. I have a set of SSS forks that I could use, I know how good they are as I have a YZ250 as well but Im curious how good me and Renegade can get the 04 fork working. My hope is that this bike will be faster, and handle better than my brand new YZ125 that I paid 6000 for. Will update soon, thanks for looking!


1/30/2019 9:19 AM

Great build man! I had the same problem with the numbers on my 2003 last year. Took a while to get them lined up with an acetylene torch.


2/4/2019 7:42 PM

nice, a lot of people dont like a 5 speed but i actually liked my 04 i used to have. it had a good motor and i didnt feel there was an issue with gear gaps. Good luck with the forks, I used to have a pair with the enzo tanks and they were as good as some SSS forks


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