2004 RM125 FRAME CHANGE TO 2001

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2/7/2019 6:19 PM

So I recently crashed my 2004 rm125 and the frame was completely cracked. I decided to get a new frame but ended up being an 01. Was bolting everything back up today and linkage would not fit the frame but it might be possible. Are the other mounting spots different for other things as well?


2/7/2019 6:36 PM

they changed a few things i think but dont know
linkage, rear master cylinder, motor mounts, swingarm??
also i think the clamps are diffrent


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2/11/2019 4:22 AM

Oh man welcome to my hell...

My story is similar, i have an 08 RM125 whose frame basically rusted out from the inside, went looking for a new frame on eBay and found one. It was supposed to be an 05 which is the same generation but turned out to be an 01 or 02. Linkage mounts are totally different along with the footpeg mounts. I kept searching for almost two more years before i found another frame, found one California. turned out to be a 2004 model and has the same linkage and footpeg mounts. Its strange because i do remember doing very rigorous research on these bikes to find out when the frames changed and I'm pretty confident they were changed to the last gen style in 05 but the VIN on my new frame indicates it is an 04.

to further complicate this, i know for a fact that my original bike is an 08 but dealership VIN searches have sometimes comeback as it being an 09...???

Any way you say your bike is an 04 originally. can you post a picture of the drag link mount on the frame along with the foot peg mounts? i have both of the last two generation frames along with my rooted 08 frame in my shed and so i can post pics of all three if you like. As far as i have found the Last generation RM125 got a new design swingarm/linkage setup, new rear master cylinder with the reservoir built in, updated cylinder with better power valve and cylinder head, updated triple clamps with 21mm (off the top of my head...) triple clamps, better design 47mm twin chamber Showa Forks and a far better Showa Shock with an 18mm shaft. the engine mounts are definitely the same for any RM125 from 2008 to maybe 1998 as they are the same cases.


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