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Borthwick203 Borthwick203
11/14/2018 9:46 AM
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2Fmx 2Fmx
11/15/2018 1:14 AM

Do you think you can elaborate a little bit more?

I am interested in this topic. I have 02 CRE 250 (HM) where there is a little more in terms of electrics. The ignition module is currently mounted to the frame from outside (zip tied) just under the side panel. I am going with TX Race kit and this means it's not going to be covered and protected well... I was planning to move all the electrics somewhere into the Airbox and under a tank, but I'm not sure as the space seems to be tight as well there.

I get most of the things from the pictures you posted (was it hard to just upload theme here?). What about the length of the cables? Were they long enough for relocation or did you have to do some rewiring?

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Borthwick203 Borthwick203
11/16/2018 7:01 AM
2Fmx wrote:

Do you think you can ...more

Yes; everything pictured was accomplished with the stock wiring harness, CDI bracket from the frame’s headstem, and the (now removed) welded aluminum mount from the left frame spar.

In order to re-route the wiring harness, the plastic shielding/wrap had to be removed. No additional wiring needed to achieve the desired harness length required to reach the air box. Just the original wiring harness with the plastic shielding wrap removed.

Fortunately, there are these aluminum tabs welded to the subframe in the same area as the air box. Using spare hardware from a CRF/CR BOLT Kit, it will be easy enough to mount the re-purposed aluminum brackets in the air box.

There is a generous amount of space to the right side of the air filter for the CDI to fit. Plenty of space! Fitting the capacitor isn’t an issue on the left side of the air filter, although it is more snug. It is 2x 8mm bolts to remove the ignition components from the airbox, allowing access to the air filter.

Now there are no electronics mounted behind the front number plate or welded to the left side of the frame. Especially useful if planning to mount an HPSD behind the front number plate. I will use stock ‘08 CRF250R triple clamps for the bottom mount and Ride Engineering’s RMZ bracket for the top mount ( Not sure if this works but I have already acquired the clamps and just need to source a 24mm HPSD and Ride Engineering mount ).

Was receiving errors when uploading the images, although everything is displayed correctly on Thumpertalk’s Honda 2 Stroke section (much more convenient viewing experience on mobile)

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Borthwick203 Borthwick203
12/5/2018 2:54 AM

This modification may be possible on other brand manufacturer’s bikes

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Slosh 112 Slosh 112
12/6/2018 2:26 AM
Borthwick203 wrote:

This modification may be ...more

Yeah I fitted a HPSD to an 09 RM125, cut the CDI mount off the steering stem and riveted it to the inside of the airbox on the right side. Can be done with all original wiring harness.

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