2002 Honda CR125!

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6/16/2018 4:08 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/16/2018 6:12 PM

Hey guys! New to the fourm but not to MX, my name's Jake and this is my 2002 Honda CR125!

This will be a build thread becasue I have quite a few things to do to it, radiators (if you look at the pic they're slightly bentlaughing ), bars, throttle cable, some brake stuff and just a few other things here and there. I bought this bike the other day for $1700 and it was in actually pretty good condition, some aftermarket parts and what not... here's a pic of it right now in my messy garage lol


So I just stripped all the plastics off becasue the guy before me didn't aways hose it down after riding so dirt is just CAKED to the frame, sub-frame, forks, triple clamps, etc. So I stripped everything down so I can pressure wash all that dirt and crap off and replace the parts I need and whatnot...

Parts list (just the aftermarket stuff):
-Pro Curciut platinum pipe and Pro Circuit R304 muffler
-Tusk Impact wheels
-Renthal sprockets and O-Ring chain
-Pro Curciut suspension
-Pro Taper bars (will be replaced with Renthal bars)
-Factory Racing engine and clutch covers
-Tusk hoses

And I think that's about it, will update this thread as the bike progresses. Will hopefully be finished by next weekend or possibly next week if the parts I need are in stock...

Thanks for looking!smile


6/18/2018 2:00 PM


I can't tell you how many bottles of WD-40 I've used on this bike, dirt was just EVERYWHERE and was caked on everything.... so I took the subframe off and covered up the carb and sprayed WD-40 over EVERYTHING! Let it soak for a little bit, and then pressure washed the whole thing, got alot of the dirt and crusty dirt off and she's looking pretty now! Still waiting on parts and just taking more stuff apart and cleaning/regreasing them...