2001 CR 125 Resto

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9/3/2017 4:50 AM

Hi All,

I've picked up a CR 125 2001 model, the bike doesn't run, although it's no seized. I'm goig to rebuild the whole engine anyway. It's been robbed of parts etc so I'm about to drop some coin on it, I'm going to keep the bike so I want it to have some decent snap about it when I ride it so a few questions

I heard the 2001 Honda was a pretty solid motor that year, would you use OEM for the crank etc or do you guys think Hotrods is a good bottom end kit to use?

Ignition, what's your thoughts on vortex? Is it worth it?

Clutch, I'm thinking a full Hinson clutch kit

Brake pads, what is a decent good quality brake pad?

Braided lines? Are they worth installing?

I think that's it for now, I'll post some photos soon for you all to check out,

Thanks for your help in advance



9/3/2017 8:25 AM

That is one of the slowest 125 motors in the past couple decades. The 2001 CR250 is the bike with the solid motor. I'm not trying to burst your bubble at all though I've been tempted to buy one and see if I can make it a little ripper. To answer your questions.
OEM crank all the way. Honda parts are cheap and Hot Rods are junk. You may get one to last 80 hours and you may get one that lasts 8 minutes and that's not a risk I would ever be willing to take.
I would say the ignition isn't worth it unless you are planning on seriously modding this out and want to pinch every last hp out of it, and it will probably still be "slow" for a 125.
Hinsons are always great if you plan on putting a lot of hours on this bike they definitely have the longest lifespan.
OEM brake pads are the way to go in my opinion and experience.
Steel braided lines are nice but if you have good pads and a high quality brake fluid lik AP Racing then the stock brake lines can be just fine as well.

Good luck on the build and keep us updated with pictures.


9/4/2017 11:41 PM

Dont EVER use hotrods, that is real junk..

Piston and crank, go oem. Buy a 2007 crank from partzilla, 180$.
Get a thinner base basket and set the squish to 1.0mm.

And a air striker carb.
Good luck! They turn like a bicycle laughing


9/6/2017 4:45 PM


Thanks for the help, no bubble to burst here at all, that's why I'm here to learn from you lot, ah so it's the 250 with the solid motor, I remember reading something along the lines about it.

I'll stay away from the hot rods then hahaha!
And start sourcing some OEM parts, thanks for the help mate!


9/6/2017 4:47 PM

Kawasaki-rider wrote:

Dont EVER use hotrods, that is real junk..

Piston and crank, go oem. Buy a 2007 crank from partzilla, 180$.
Get a thinner ...more

Really? So an 07 crank will fit in the 01? And what's some reasons to by the 07 set up? Is it stronger l, better quality?

Also what do you mean by setting the squish up? Sorry man, I'm a rookie at this shit hahaha



9/6/2017 8:50 PM

I ended up going with a full wrench rabbit kit for my 2002, so I'm really hoping it doesn't blow up.