1995 CR125: Steve Lamson HRC Replica

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3/2/2019 6:03 PM

The official first post of the 95' CR125 Lamson Replica.

My father picked up this clapped and seized 95' CR125 for me up in NorCal today. This will serve as the starting point for my 95' Lamy Replica. This thing is pretty beat but it appears to have a limited number of wrenches taken to it which is exciting. As long as the transmission and cases are in good shape, and the cylinder is repairable, I have a really good base to start with. Can't wait to get it delivered this month so I can get it torn down.

On a side not, if anyone wants to trade me a Bill's pipe for the Dyno Port pipe, I'm definitely open to a trade. From what I hear, the Dyno Port pipes are rare and work very well.