The Vital MX Mailbox | Week #10

Tackling your questions from various social media platforms.

In a new bi-weekly addition to Vital MX, questions and queries will be grabbed from race fans on different platforms and answered in a rather informal format. Consider this a relaxed start to the race weekend! A smorgasbord of topics is tackled in this feature from Triumph's upcoming models to an update on Hunter Lawrence ahead of Birmingham. If there is something to pique your interest then this feature will be filed as a success.

Questions will be gathered from the Vital MX forum, as well as social media, before each feature, so keep an eye out for those posts in order to be featured. Do not be disenchanted if your question does not get used, however, because some will be kept back for the following week. There were more than one hundred questions in the days prior to this and so the 'bank' is filling up nicely for future features. Anyway, without further ado, on with the questions…

"Is Hunter Lawrence okay after his crash in Daytona's 450SX main event?" asked @Bellamy4676 on Instagram.

Honda HRC has announced that Hunter Lawrence will miss Birmingham, the ninth round of 2024 Monster Energy Supercross, with a small fracture to his left scapula. The statement, which is available below, shares that he is awaiting a prognosis, so there's no timeline on his recovery at this point in time. This is a blow for the supercross spectators, as another factory bike on the sidelines is a shame. The good news is that Adam Cianciarulo returned last week and Colt Nichols will make his Beta debut this weekend. Aaron Tanti is set to return in Birmingham as well! – @_LewisPhillips

"Hunter Lawrence will miss this round with a small fracture to his left scapula, incurred in a crash during last weekend’s main event. Hunter and the team are still awaiting a prognosis from doctors, but he is focused on returning as quickly as possible."

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"Do you know if Triumph has plans to release a TF 350-X at any point?" asked @ThomasOsuna on Instagram.

No, Triumph do not have plans to release a TF 350-X. The TF 250-X is heading to dealers at the moment, of course, then the TF 450-X should break cover in the October of this year. What will be next after that? Triumph will have a youth range, whereas Ducati has no plans for that. It remains to be seen if those will be electric or not. Triumph acquired Oset, a brand that creates electric bikes for kids, in 2022, which is a crucial indicator of their future plans. Ian Kimber, the head of off-road at Triumph, spoke to us about that in an exclusive chat in Michigan. – @_LewisPhillips

"We will stretch into the youth market," confirmed Kimber in that discussion. "Bringing kids into the sport is very critical for the longevity of not just motocross and enduro but motorcycling in general. We need to get kids enthused about two wheels. The strategy for that is being looked at. Will it be internal combustion or will it be electric? That is still open for debate, at the moment, but we purchased Oset last summer [the deal was confirmed on June 22 of 2022]. They will form a key part of our strategy to engage with youth on two wheels."

"Do you think that Eli Tomac will commit to racing in 2025 Monster Energy Supercross?" asked @EricMeyer44 on Instagram.

This is interesting. Consider that Eli Tomac's extension for 2023 Pro Motocross and SuperMotocross was announced on February 28 and it is ominous that there has been no word just yet. One would think that Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing would have handed him a deadline – they would have to make plans to cater to his needs. Is the writing on the wall, seeing as it has been radio silence thus far? In fact, leave this with me for now. I'll endeavor to find out if there is a deadline in Birmingham, Alabama, this weekend. – @_LewisPhillips

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"Did Jett Lawrence get penalized because of his mechanics interference in Daytona?" asked @TKiene45 on Instagram.

No. In fact, he was not even handed a written warning for what occurred in the moments prior to Daytona's gate drop. Chad Saultz (for failing a sound test) and Addison Emory (for failing to appear at a sound test) were the only 450SX stars who received penalties at the eighth stop of 2024 Monster Energy Supercross. In 250SX, Jack Beeland (jumping on the red-cross flag) and Bryce Shelly (gaining an advantage whilst off track) were handed penalties. That is a recap of all the riders who faced setbacks at Daytona's International Speedway! – @_LewisPhillips

"Will this weekend's MXGP opener be Tim Gajser versus Jorge Prado?" asked @MartineTem on Instagram.

Potentially. Tim Gajser has a brilliant track record in Patagonia-Argentina and my gut feeling is that Jorge Prado will come out swinging, seeing as he has momentum on his side. The issue with making predictions for the Grand Prix of Patagonia-Argentina is that all of the contenders are firing on all cylinders. Jeffrey Herlings has been superb in his pre-season showings; Romain Febvre has won multiple motos and Jeremy Seewer has a win beneath his belt too. It will be a terrific first round with so much uncertainty! This is set to be an unbelievable weekend of action. – @_LewisPhillips


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