Tested: Scar Titanium Brake Tip

We test the Scar Titanium Brake Tip

We recently tested the Scar Titanium Gripper footpegs on the 2023 Husqvarna FC350. Scar decided to send over one of their titanium brake tips for us to try on the same bike. As previously mentioned, since 2003, Scar has specialized in high speed spare parts manufactured for the motorcycling market including triple clamps, handlebars, and footpegs. The titanium brake tip is another product in their catalog that allows the consumer to up-grade some bike control features to the next level.

Scar Titanium Brake Tip

  • Aerospace-Grade TI-6AL-4V titanium and strong welding
  • Super grippy full titanium tip
  • Ultra light-weight
  • Longer than OEM
  • Premium quality and high performance
  • Eliminate the risk of brake loss
  • MSRP $59.95
Jamie Guida

First Impressions

I already knew what to expect from the visual quality of Scar's titanium products, so I wasn't surprised when unboxing the brake tip that it was equally cool to the pegs. The packaging wasn't quite as exciting as the pegs, but that really isn't important. It comes in a clear plastic box that you can be used to keep your old brake tip in incase a buddy needs one. You can instantly see that the Scar brake tip is larger than the OEM version and the 13 teeth are razor sharp and taller as well. 

Jamie Guida


I'm not sure installation could be any simpler. On the Husky, the OEM brake tip is kept in place with two small Torx screws that thread into the brake pedal. So, no backing nuts. The Scar brake tip simply bolts right into place. I would suggest using Locktite on the screws so they don't back out. Because the Scar brake tip is taller, you may want to adjust the brake pedal down to get it where it's comfortable. 

Jamie Guida

On the Track

The Scar titanium brake tip certainly is larger and sits a bit taller than the OEM version and it's noticeable. It sticks out farther from the pedal so you don't need to turn your foot in any to reach it. The teeth allow your boot to get more grip and more connectivity through your boots. Your foot is less likely to slip off when reaching for it through large braking bumps. Also, the titanium tip is stronger and more resilient against damage due to a crash or hitting rocks and roots if riding off-road. It was an improvement in my opinion.

Jamie Guida


I used the Scar brake tip for a few months and can only guess it will last a long time. I can't say I ever put it in a position to get damaged, but I believe it to be a part that is built well, and will hold up.

Jamie Guida

Final Word

The Scar titanium brake tip is not a 'necessary' part, but it is an aftermarket upgrade that can help a rider's comfortability. The larger surface area and sharper teeth can benefit any rider when reaching for the rear brake pedal. I found it to be a positive addition to the bike. Additionally, the $59.95 price tag will not break the bank and it's a stronger, more aesthetically pleasing part than the OEM one.


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