Supercross Team Manager Talk | Anaheim 1 Press Day

The men who lead the factory teams speak ahead of the opening round of 2023 Monster Energy Supercross.

There is a lot to come from the stars of the sport, as the opening round of 2023 Monster Energy Supercross beckons. What about the team managers though? Those who oversee the factory squads in the sport were invited onto the stage in today's pre-season press conference to reflect on how the winter months went. The quotes from those personalities can be found below for those who prefer the written word. Interesting titbits that are worth focusing on…

  • Ian Harrison of KTM mentioned that his squad made a significant step forward with the KTM 450 SX-F in late October. Cooper Webb and Marvin Musquin have competed since then, of course, as they raced in Paris, but maybe it took a while longer for the improvements to be implemented? There is certainly an air of confidence around the 'orange' team.
  • Lars Lindstrom shared some thought-provoking insight about Honda HRC's efforts to get Chase Sexton comfortable, after he struggled throughout the previous indoor term. It seems that it was all hands on deck, from Japan to the United States, to rectify the issues and the result is a really happy Sexton. '23' even said that he hopes to see big whoops for the first time ever!

Jeremy Coker: "We have a new motorcycle this year. Yamaha did a great job giving us a really good platform, once again, to start with. The team worked really hard in the off-season and I think that we are looking good. Both guys are happy on the motorcycle and it is kind of nice to have a little bit of a new challenge coming into the season. It was fun and I think that we are as ready as we can be."

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Ian Harrison: "Yeah, we have been busy too. We had a new platform last year and I think that we lost our way a little bit. It was a good bike but once you start losing ground then you start to second guess yourself and run around, many times, in circles. I feel like in late October we started to make some ground. I am like Jeremy [Coker] – I am ready to get started and see how it goes. We have five riders with five different set-ups, so we are going to see how it goes."

Larry Books: "It is fun, obviously, and I like working with 450s. I have been working with the Suzuki 250F program for a while and to go back to the 450SX class is more comfortable. There are different things that you have to work on with different makes but the 450 just seems like… I like to work with it more. It seems fun. Ken Roczen is a good guy. I am still kind of learning about him, but it should be fun. We have to go racing. We have got to a certain point and now it is time to go racing to see how we are and how the bike works. I think that our base is pretty good. They worked with the motorcycle last year and I think that it is in a pretty good spot. Kenny obviously made changes that made him more comfortable, but we just do not know where we are. Kenny is really fast at our tracks but when you go to a racetrack with nineteen other guys then you really see where you are at."

Dan Fahie: "Consistency is everything for us. I think for all of us! Just as the guys mentioned earlier, changes are sometimes good and sometimes not so good. For us, everything has been pretty consistent. We have got that baseline now. Jason [Anderson] was brand new to the team last year and he is much more familiar with us, the bike and the surroundings now. We are really looking forward to this coming season, for sure."

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Lars Lindstrom: "We had a few things that we needed to work on last year that Chase [Sexton] was really hoping that we would improve on. A lot of focus was on that and a lot of that got taken on by Japan and HRC, as well as us on the team. Together we were able to address some of those issues that Chase felt that we needed to address. We made some improvements that way and a huge part of that was Colt Nichols, him coming aboard and having a similar need for what the bike/chassis does. Living in California, he was able to run through a lot of those things and take us in a direction that… When we introduced it to Chase, he really liked the direction. They have a really close set-up, closer than the two guys last year."

Nathan Ramsay: "With Christian [Craig] coming aboard, he jumped in with full commitment. It has been great to have him around. Just watching him ride is pretty fun to do. With him jumping into the Baker Factory program, I have seen an elevation. I think that Malcolm [Stewart] had to answer to that, as well as everyone else there. I believe that they worked really hard in the off-season and we are in a good spot all of the way around, from the crew to the riders. I feel good. I am just ready to race, like the other guys are saying. Let's get out there and race to see where the chips fall."

Max Lee: "It is definitely a little bit of a learning curve for me. It is a new position and role. Tyler Keefe did a good job of helping me. I have worked with the team over the last three years and know the guys super well. The whole crew has been awesome – I cannot thank them enough. The off-season has been great. We have a new motorcycle and the boys are happy. All in all, I am happy."


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