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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: Comments on this one are great, ha!


ML's Take: If I ever want a reminder that I completely suck on a motorcycle, I just go look at Toni Bou's Instagram...


ML's Take: Ouch...


ML's Take: Happy-belated birthday, miss you Jeff.


ML's Take: Non-moto but HOLY!...


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: Well, another secret shared. How long until Haiden Deegan talks about his scaphoid?


Lewis' Take: Michael Mosiman's had some tough hits recently. Come on, the man needs a break...


Lewis' Take: This is just insane to watch. All I can suggest is that you watch and try to take it all in.


Lewis' Take: Tyler Stepek is racing today's Dutch Masters. I have no idea how that's come about...


Lewis' Take: I thought this was cool and so here it is.


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: Congrats to 5X Kyle Peters. Five Arenacross championships is a hell of an accomplishment and a hard-fought one this year.


Jamie's Take: Thankfully for Phil this coming weekend there is no race. Hopefully, he can find a moment of joy.


Jamie's Take: Levi Kitchen had made the next step. It’s incredible to see how confidence plays such a big part of a season.


Jamie's Take: 200 starts for the legend that is Kyle Chisholm. Here’s to another 100 at least. Some things are better with age.


Jamie's Take: Could we see another generation of the Dungey name in the future? Time will tell.

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