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Michael's Picks:

ML's take: If you haven't already, check out the first episode our series with Dylan Ferrandis and Phoenix Racing.


ML's take: Jett, Dallas, tough blocks...not a great combo.


ML's take: Non-moto, but mental.


ML's take: So many near-death moments...


ML's take: I love Motocross of Nations.


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' take: Don't ask me why, but there is something about this set-up that really grates on me.


Lewis' take: This crash ruled Justin Bogle out of the UK's Arenacross finale on Saturday night...


Lewis' take: Jorge Prado is becoming, like, a real superstar! This is very good for the sport, no?


Lewis' take: I am super, super excited for the Ducati. This whole thing just radiates excellence...


Lewis' take: This bike is trick and that's all I have to say.


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's take: Wow, what a night of racing in Arlington. Cooper Webb may have had a little luck with that win, but his tenacity in the Main Events is something else.


Jamie's take: Is this the future of Supercross? I don’t believe so, but it could be something in addition to SX that would be fun to watch. 


Jamie's take: The guys behind the scenes such as the track builders do not get enough credit for what they do to make a show happen. Thank you to the unsung heroes.


Jamie's take: It was good to see Robbie Wageman and Team Solitaire in Dallas. Nice job getting a point, boys.


Jamie's take: There were too many injuries at Arlington this Saturday night. Jalek Swoll was one of them. Hope to see him and Triumph back soon.

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