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Michael's Picks


ML's Take: Welcome to the RMArmy.


ML's Take: Happy birthday Aden!


ML's Take: Making press conferences interesting.


ML's Take: I dig the McLaren theme.


ML's Take: See ya next year, Snapdragon.


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: Beware, I will be including a Chase Sexton every week. The ship isn't going to sail itself, huh?


Lewis' Take: Tommy Searle's vlogs are good and he is a big Arenacross guy nowadays, so it's worth your time.


Lewis' Take: Arenacross... Catch the fever! You can always count on some kind of carnage in an arena, right?


Lewis' Take: I hope this works out for Carson Mumford because, well, it just has to, right? It's boom or bust now.


Lewis' Take: I won't stand for Adam Cianciarulo slander. It's been a great start to the year and will only get better.


Grant's Picks

Grant's Take: Jason Anderson and Justin Barcia having beef early in the season may be the least surprising thing about 2023 so far. 


Grant's Take: Everyone seems to love Kickstart Kenny. He’s looking pretty good so far on the Suzuki, too. 


Grant's Take: It’s easy to assume the worst whenever we see a rider walking off like this. Luckily, Levi Kitchen didn’t sustain any major injuries…he’s just extremely sore. 


Grant's Take: Eli Tomac is the ultimate family man. 


Grant's Take: If anyone in the moto industry could produce a zine that I would be excited to read, it would be the Team Fried crew. 


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: Can we ask K-Dub to come back for Opening Ceremonies? No more transfers, just this to the DJ music.


Jamie's Take: Oooohhhhhheeeeee! That coating on the Race Tech forks has the privateers looking factory. So sic looking!


Jamie's Take: Kyle Chisholm, fresh off being sick and then having his third daughter born goes out and Chiz’s at SD. I took him off my Fantasy team and I’m ashamed.


Jamie's Take: I miss the 722. He's a hell of a personality and used what he had to become a Main Event regular. 

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