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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: RIP to the legendary voice of Supercross.


ML's Take: How? HOW!?


ML's Take: Geezus!


ML's Take: Well, that sucks.


ML's Take: Shocking!


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: Well, isn't Jeffrey Herlings' garage pretty unbelievable? We need a house tour.


Lewis' Take: This doesn't come as much of a shock at all... Justin Brayton will fill that spot!


Lewis' Take: This pit set-up is incredible. I've stared at it for ages and it still blows my mind.


Lewis' Take: Ben Townley's son is special, by all accounts... Last to third in that 85cc main!


Lewis' Take: There will be seventeen "factory" seats in the MX2 class next season. Crazy...


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: It's so badass seeing our guys win the ISDE World Championship in the men’s and women’s divisions. Congrats to Team USA


Jamie's Take: I’m a little bummed my guy JB10 didn’t win his 6th Australian SX championship, but also glad he came out safe and healthy. (Editor's Note: Jamie has a lot of "guys")


Jamie's Take: MXGP had some big news with Glenn Coldenhoff and Roan van de Moosdijk officially signing with the Fantic Factory Racing team. They could be a force to be reckoned with.


Jamie's Take: I am so stoked my buddy ARay finally grew up. Congrats on marrying Sam.


Jamie's Take: How cool is it for CR22 to be now watching his son Tate learning to ride and racing SX? Man, I’m getting old.

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