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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: Kevin Windham still has it.


ML's Take: "I lied"


ML's Take: The AP effect.


ML's Take: Tap through these, it's worth it.


ML's Take: Another throwback.


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: RC and RV discussing my interview is madness! Now, admittedly, a credit would be nice...


Lewis' Take: I am excited. A lot has changed since the first round, so let's see what the result of that is.


Lewis' Take: I am here to, once again, state that this is so exciting to me. Imagine if it happens in 2025!


Lewis' Take: Chase Sexton's social team does a good job. "We" need to applaud this stuff more often...


Lewis' Take: Chase flew to Austria for a meet and greet with KTM's crew, and his Red Bull commitments.


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: It looks like Max Anstie is living his best life. Abu Dhabi looks super cool. 


Jamie's Take: Troll Training just got easier for me. Glad I caught Alex Martin with this ‘healthy’ snack.


Jamie's Take: I’m so impressed with what these GNCC riders can do. I may try this line next weekend at Ironman


Jamie's Take: Looks like Preston Boespflug is getting ready for Opening Ceremonies. #BringBackTheTransfer


Jamie's Take: I love seeing Andrew and Hudson Short enjoying racing together. Doing it right.

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