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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: This speaks for itself...


ML's Take: Umm, Jason...Josh Hansen is the test rider and Nathan Ramsey is the team manager.


ML's Take: This track is so gnarly in-person!


ML's Take: What are friends for?


ML's Take: Congrats to Kevin Benavides, Dakar is GNARLY.


ML's Take: Lewis already snagged the post I was going to use about the bangers on Vital's own I'll just go with some whips from Deano.


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: I find this oddly satisfying, and I don't even know why.


Lewis' Take: I've liked following Vital MX on Instagram a lot more recently... (Editor's note: Go follow our Sean Ogden on IG...We'd say he's pretty good...)


Lewis' Take: I'm only hearing good things from the Jonass camp about red.


Lewis' Take: This qualifies as arenacross (or even supercross) in the UK, believe it or not.


Lewis' Take: 'Saturdays with Seewer' is coming to a stadium near you if you live in San Diego!


Grant's Picks

Grant's Take: Major props to Blake for keeping a positive outlook and continuing to progress since his injury. 


Grant's Take: We are in an age where everything is becoming digitalized, but one thing that will remain true is that every racer dreams of being on the cover of a physical RacerX Magazine. Congrats to Colt. 


Grant's Take: Crashmania!


Grant's Take: This is an incredible poster. 


Grant's Take: Sometimes, you gotta just send it. 


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: The Hi-Dez has seen more action in the last two weeks than Meagan Hall


 Jamie's Take:  Pretty cool to see a bunch of the SX guys race the AX race with Oakland being canceled. It’s a whole different ballgame 


Jamie's Take: Stop, Cody Webb, just stop


Jamie's Take: I’m fairly certain a lot of people felt this same way. Stilez in the podium by round 3


Jamie's Take: I don’t like Ken being ok with a 5th. I’m concerned.



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