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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: It's like Atlanta on steroids! SuperMotocross, catch the fever!


ML's Take: Twitch always has amazing bikes. This is one of the best I've seen.


ML's Take: Go Jimmy, go.


ML's Take: Enjoy AZ Bakes, and let the good times roll.


ML's Take: Amazing, just amazing.


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: This stuck with me from before the weekend, so it must have been good.


Lewis' Take: Conrad Mewse clinched the 2023 MX1 title in the British Championship...


Lewis' Take: I'm shocked this went public so fast. It was only finalized one week prior!


Lewis' Take: I honestly thought the broadcast was impeccable. Props to all involved...


Lewis' Take: I really, really, really liked this graphic. I don't even know why. It hits good.


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: JimmyD sent it at the pit bike race at Charlotte SMX Friday night. It’s super cool to have these events for the campers to watch.


Jamie's Take: Who thinks Benny Bloss should race the 2-stroke Beta in 2024? My hand is up.


Jamie's Take: It’s almost time for the GNCC series to start up again. I’m looking forward to being back with “my team.”


Jamie's Take: If you aren’t following Matt Burkeen for his Arenacross videos you are missing out. Funniest thing ever.


Jamie's Take: I’m done riding dirt bikes. These kids are insane.

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