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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: The raddest dude.


ML's Take: We expect better Jacob...just be better.


ML's Take: Secret warm-up...


ML's Take: 99% of the time...I at least hear a rumor, a could be, or a whisper before a deal is announced. This is the 1% of the time I had zero clue, really caught off guard. Congrats to Colt and the Beta USA team. It's so cool to see more OEMs getting involved and more rides opening up. Not just the rides, but the mechanic jobs, truck driver jobs, suspension guy jobs, etc. It's all so good for the sport.


ML's Take: Geezus...I wish just once I could hit a corner like that.


ML's Take: Everyone go wish Darkside a get well soon...his world is ending as he can't ride this weekend because he "fractured" some ribs in Italy.


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: New fear unlocked: A knock as small as this can dislocate your jaw. (Editor's Note: WTF!)


Lewis' Take: My favorite part of this snippet was the emotion in how it was told...


Lewis' Take: The sound over this tickled me. Not sure why... I also prefer #141.


Lewis' Take: Finland was the third time that #84 has finished fifth in 173 starts.


Lewis' Take: Signing news of some kind! Initially surprising, but it makes sense.


Grant's Picks

Grant's Take: This one is worth a listen. Carson Brown is one interesting dude. 


Grant's Take: Jason Anderson has gone full dad mode during the break. 


Grant's Take: I’m not sure RJ Hampshire has fond memories of this moment….


Grant's Take: Loretta Lynn’s saw just a tad of rain this week. 


Grant's Take: The best in the Canadian MX photo industry providing us with the goods. 


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: “Six Time” Jeff Stanton throwing it back to Loretta’s in 1983. We need him next year in the +50 class.


Jamie's Take: Cody Webb makes me feel insufficient and insecure about my abilities. (Editor's Note: He's not the only rider that does that to Jamie)


Jamie's Take: It was rad having one of the best WMX riders of all time at the Ranch this weekend. Ashley Fiolek is still a badass.


Jamie's Take: I’m trying to talk John Anderson into letting me race this beauty at Vet Nationals. She makes my heart go pitter-patter. (Editor's Note: Ask him how his last "off-road" bike test went)


Jamie's Take: Mike Brown is not if this planet. He will be winning motos when he’s 80.

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