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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: Great to see Seewer back on the top step...and he did it without Lewis being present. #WhoNeedsLewis


ML's Take: 2023 450 outdoors will be the year of privateers and support teams. Derek Drake is one of a few taking the plunge.


ML's Take: Let's include Jerry Robin on that list.


ML's Take: Calvin has been unseated as the top Yamaha racer in the MXGP points standings, due to Jeremy Seewer's return to form, but he's still having a solid season!


ML's Take: Throwback ouch...


Lewis' Picks 

Lewis' Take: Forget the crash, how impressive is that first video?


Lewis' Take: This is why Devin Simonson has got an MX2 deal...


Lewis' Take: I ordered all of this, but maybe there are leftovers...


Lewis' Take: I feel so bad for Pauls. Unluckiest rider in the world.


Lewis' Take: I've always questioned how these votes are tallied...


Grant's Picks

Grant's Take:  A lot of folks probably have Hunter Lawrence and Jo Shimoda slotted in as the two title favorites for outdoors….but Justin Cooper should be the most prepared he has ever been for an outdoor series. I’m pulling for him. 


Grant's Take: Expectations for the two-time MX2 champ? I bet he’ll have a least four overall podiums…maybe an overall win as well. 


Grant's Take: It’s not very often that you see a guy have a broken giggle strap AND a broken foot peg in the same race! Jeffrey lost a lot of points because of it, but I still think he’s going to win the MXGP title. 


Grant's Take: It’s always wild how one mistake can ruin an entire season. Jago Geerts had a comfortable points lead in the MX2 class…but now he has a broken wrist and will be sidelined for a while. 


Grant's Take: This KTM and gear setup Kenny had will forever be one of my favorites. 


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: Brad Behrens is the Moto Athlete Manager for FXR Moto and a great guy. Look for an industry pod with him early this week.


Jamie's Take: I have really enjoyed watching Enzo Lopes progress this season. He is super funny and humble and deserves the success that’s coming.


Jamie's Take: What an unforgettable season for the guys at Honda. Lars Lindstrom has paid his dues. I have a feeling they aren’t done yet.


Jamie's Take: Man, this guy has been quiet. Wonder what Marvin could do outdoors.


Jamie's Take: Damon Freakin Bradshaw! Living his best life.

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