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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: New reverse gear.


ML's Take: I've watched this at least ten times... Hey Kay, wanna come to the US?


ML's Take: Right back to where he started ha.


ML's Take: Indoors trial boggles my mind...


ML's Take: Not moto but still cool to look at.


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: Give the man a round of applause. It took longer to get to 100 than expected, but still.


 Lewis' Take: Can someone keep an eye on Pauls Jonass? I'm concerned about my Latvian friend.


Lewis' Take: On the subject of being concerned about international friends...


Lewis' Take: You'd think motocross tracks would be the same everywhere, for the most part. Nope!


Lewis' Take: This is cool. That's all I've got, so yeah. Sorry...


Grant's Picks

Grant's Take: Big news for Swan MX, but at least it is being handed over to a trustworthy family.  


Grant's Take: It was awesome to see Cole Seely back in the lineup this weekend. He should get better each weekend. 


Grant's Take: Kickstart Kenny!


Grant's Take: This will forever be one of my favorite kits of all time. 


Grant's Take: Nothing can keep the boys from training. 


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: Supercross riders are just like you and I. Creating tracks and changing flats.


Jamie's Take: Chris Blose is slowly getting better on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki. Wonder if he’s ready to retire, again?


Jamie's Take: Trey Canard is back in a bike after his wrist injury. Wonder how he’d fair at a national?


Jamie's Take: Kay De Wolf looked good this weekend. Looking for a win against Geerts soon.


Jamie's Take: DeanO teaching Max Anstie to ‘hit the griddy’. I’m old

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