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ML's Picks

ML's Take: Every time I see a Rally bike on a motocross track, I stare and watch in amazement.


ML's Take: Poor Darkside...

ML's Take: Click the arrows over to see all the photos. Would you run something like this on your clamps and hubs?


ML's Take: We'll have our hands on this bike quite shortly for a test on Vital MX. Good luck to the AEO team in 2023.


ML's Take: Which would you choose?


Grant's Picks

Grant's Take: This is such a bummer deal for Marchbanks, but at least he’ll keep himself busy while rehabbing by helping train some younger riders at Club MX. 


Grant's Take: An additional reminder that our sport is gnarly. 


Grant's Take: I really dig Filthy Phil’s merch line, plus it’s always a good idea to help out a rider. Check it out. 


Grant's Take: It’ll be very interesting to see how a young man like Max Lee approaches what is a very difficult job in the industry as team manager of the Troy Lee Designs team. 


Grant's Take: If you wanna be the best, you gotta train in every type of track condition.


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: RJ Hampshire looks to be in a happy place. Hope that translates into the results he’s capable of.


Jamie's Take: Man, I miss this guy!! We need the Rippa


Jamie's Take: Recovering from a broken hand is not ideal for Josh Varize. Looking to see him make the next step up this year 



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