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We reached out to legendary mechanics, Mike "Goose" Gosselaar and Jeremy "JBone" Albrecht, to see what they thought of each other and their riders.

Back in my day, when we had to walk uphill both ways and mechanics had to drive box vans, some of the mechanics were actually superstars themselves. Jeremy McGrath's guy, Skip Norfolk may have been the first mechanic that had some rockstar status. I grabbed a couple other legendary wrenches for this particular Nuts and Bolt with Jeremy "JBone" Albrecht (Jeff Emig, James Stewart, JGR Team Manager) and Mike "Goose" Gosselaar (Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey). These two iconic mechanics never worked side-by-side on a team, so they don't have that type of close relationship. But they had riders that were in heated battles for many seasons and I thought this could be cool.

Vital MX: What was the most used tool in your box?

Mike “Goose” Gosselaar: 8mm t- handle

Jeremy “JBone” Albrecht: I loved my spoke torque wrench and still use it working on my kid’s bikes.

Vital MX: During the years your riders were at the top, what were your thoughts of each other? Was there any kind of mechanic rivalry?

Goose: I didn't have any rivalry.

JBone: Not from my side. I thought Goose was a great mechanic and know that we all work hard no matter what rider or position. It was just fun to be friendly competitors. I had lots of respect for Goose on how he handled himself at the track and away from the track. Nothing but good memories of our times working together.

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Vital MX: In Unadilla in 2005, tensions were high. What do you remember about that day? How was mechanics row between you two?

Goose: I don't remember even seeing him.

JBone: Mechanics row was fine...I remember Roger Decoster yelling at me when I was walking back to the truck (I understand, it was not at me. He was just frustrated). I don't think we even talked to each other...If so, I don't remember.

Vital MX: What were your opinions of each other’s riders during those years? Specifically, RC, Reed, and Stew

Goose: The upmost respect.

JBone: I liked RC but not Reed back then. Not sure why because Reed was fine off the track. I knew RC well from Kawasaki and never had hard feelings. 

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Vital MX: You both worked in the box van days. Any road stories where you convoyed or ran into each other?

Goose: I don't remember seeing Jeremy in the box van days.

JBone: The box van days were fun, but I would not have kept doing it if it stayed that way. We had more time and more fun, but you were gone from home the whole time. Lots of us drove together and worked in hotel parking lots together. I did not drive much with Goose. 

Vital MX: Would you rather have started in your era or todays? Why?

Goose: I'm glad that I worked in that era. Seemed like you were more responsible for more of the program than what I see today. I know the bikes are more complex and there are more personnel for each part of the program.

JBone: I would not change a thing. I feel like I was able to experience both.

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Vital MX: You both rode a bit. Who do you think could get around a track today faster?

Goose: Definitely Jeremy. Being a small business owner does not leave me any time to ride. I think I have ridden once in the past 8 years.

JBone: I just raced a GP at WW Ranch over New Years and that was the first race in 21 years...I need to ride more before I comment who is faster. It is fun and just happy to ride and share the love of motorcycles with my wife and kids. 

Vital MX: What’s the biggest disagreement each of you had with one of your riders?

Goose: I don't think I ever had one.

JBone: I did not have disagreements with my riders. I would say the only little issues were bonus related.

Vital MX: What was the worst part of your job?

Goose: Aluminum frames.

JBone: Cleaning air filters but as you get to the top you can just throw them away and grab a new one. After that, I would say it's balancing cranks. 

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Vital MX: What was your favorite bike during your career? Was there one that stood out? Why?

Goose: The ones that won races.

JBone: I would say any of Stewarts KX125's. They took lots of work to keep them running and the memories of how fast he rode it. Back then we had to rebuild the engines, so I went through this whole bike many times in my head (making sure I remember tightening every bolt). These bikes had Magnesium triple clamps, brake calipers and really thin light brake pads for SX (lots of cool stuff). 


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