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We pick the songs we want the riders to come out to during Opening Ceremonies

With A1 just days away there's been lots of discussion on who's going to win, who the championship favorites are, and who will be the biggest surprise. One of the most important topics that hasn't been discussed is what song will the riders come out to in opening ceremonies. When the lights go down, the pyros go off, and the riders are introduced, a good song can get the crowd on their feet and fired up. We came up with the list of riders expected to be involved with opening ceremonies for round one and chose some songs that should be used.

Eli Tomac: He's the defending champ so he's up first. You may be surprised to hear that Eli's a huge Metallica fan and has seen them in concert a couple of times. Their catalog is full of songs that will make you want to get on your feet and elbow the person next to you out of the way, but I'm choosing "Seek and Destroy". Not only do I think when Eli is "on" he can come through the pack to seek and destroy anyone in his way, but the song just has a nasty opening riff. I imagine 45,000 fists in the air cheering for ET3.


Jason Anderson: Finishing second last season, he should come out next to the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage". Another opening riff that has the ability to drive the crowd into a frenzy. I feel JA21 is a guy that does things his own way, against the grain, much like the Beastie Boys' career. 

Malcolm Stewart: What Mookie loves most in the world is fishing so I picked "Rather Be Fishin" by B Flossy. The song says "I'm going in to work and I'm thinkin 'bout quittin', cuz I'd rather be fishin". If Malcolm was going to give up moto, it would be to go fishing, so maybe a fitting lyric. I think the crowd would enjoy this one and maybe get a good laugh.

Ken Roczen: Although he finished outside the top 10 last season he's up next. Ken has quite possibly the largest fan base in the sport so he's going to get a big 'pop' no matter what. He's a hard rock guy and Rammstein from his native Germany seems like an obvious pick. But he told me he's not a big fan. Then I considered "Kick Start My Heart" by Motley Crue for obvious get it. But I'm going with another band Ken likes, Slipknot. Imagine the lights are off, the spotlight comes on, and Ken rides out to "Duality". The lyrics make me think of someone who is frustrated and wants to let everyone know he's not going to take it anymore. Ken has expressed his frustrations in the past and wants to do things his way. 

Marvin Musquin: He is a difficult one. I don't know if he even likes music. And honestly, I'm not aware of any French bands that scream opening ceremonies. I'm using Main Event's "Thunder Rain" because the song is an adrenaline rush from Vincent Blair's opening guitar riff all the way to the end. And Daniel Blair's vocals are stellar. With the lyric, "Can you feel your heartbeat racing when they turn out the lights, the entire world is watching, are you ready to roll the dice", it's perfect for Monster Energy Supercross.

Justin Barcia: Bam Bam has his reputation on the track for overly aggressive passes and making questionable choices. But off the track, the guy is funny and always laughing. The first song that came to mind for him was "Dirt Bike Rider". There are a couple of versions of this song, but the one I'm familiar with is by Junior. "I go ride through the whoop-de-doos, whoop-de-doos, Then I pull a wheelie, yeah. Then I do a tabletop....". Yep, the kids will love it and it will right all that is wrong in the world. Que the pyro.

Chase Sexton: A series favorite for 2023 and a guy I know is a fan of Taylor Swift. Sorry Chase, not happening. Chase gets "The Time is Now" by Atreyu. "At the starting line, a never-ending race, what I've got inside isn't commonplace.....the time is now, I can't contain myself, I've never felt so alive, the time is now...". The song opens with a cool "ay-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay" the crowd can sing along to and I know that Chase believes his time is now.

Cooper Webb: A two-time champion who did not have a great season last year. He seems to ride better when he's mad and has a point to prove. He took time off from racing this summer to have some fun and get rejuvenated. Now it's time to come back and show he's not done. For this reason, I picked the New Found Glory version of "Eye of the Tiger". If this song doesn't get Angel Stadium in a frenzy, nothing will. 

Brandon Hartranft: Unfortunately, Brandon will not be in opening ceremonies due to the injuries sustained about a month ago. He had the best season of his career in 2022 finishing 8th overall. It's a heartbreaker he will miss out, and his last name is HARTranft, so Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker" is my pick for him.

Dean Wilson: DeanO is in what may be the last Supercross season of his career and will be sorely missed. I'll have him coming out to Puff Daddy featuring/The Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes on "Victory" because I just wanna see Dean go out with a victory. He deserves one.

Adam Cianciarulo: We all know AC is a huge Blink-182 fan so he gets one of their hits, "Dammit". It has a cool intro and it's a song that makes you wanna move your ass. I considered using their song "Edging" which followed their comeback announcement because AC needs a comeback. But AC will get a big 'pop' from the crowd no matter what song he picks. He's just likable.

Dylan Ferrandis: I'm just going with '90s punk for Dylan. No music makes me think moto more than Pennywise or Strung Out. Dylan gets Strung Out's "Mind of My Own" because it's got a great groove and a melody that make me bob my head. 

We've always thought there was room for a couple top 250 riders to come out for opening ceremonies. Maybe we'll see that at A1. If so, these are the riders we believe could be a part of it.

Jett Lawrence: Eminem's "Til I Collapse" is a roof raising song, especially at the chorus. Jett will more than likely raise the non-existent roof Saturday night even without an opening song.

Austin Forkner: One of the few guys I believe can match Jett's speed, and a guy that you either love or hate. Similar to Machine Gun Kelly. MGK's "In These Walls" opens with a great melody and hits with a nice hip-hop beat that will be slammin in the stadium.

Cameron McAdoo: Cameron would be coming out to Korn's "Blind" because the opening guitar riff leading into "ARE YOUUUUUU READDDDYYYY" followed by explosions and lasers and the first gate drop of the season is going to get the crowds heart rate to 200 bpm and sceaming.


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