Jason Anderson Responds to Incident and Aftermath with Jett Lawrence 17

Well that took a turn...

After Jett Lawrence's apology on social media, in regards to the incident with Jason Anderson on Saturday night, most thought that was probably the end. Swept under the rug, all good, right? Not quite in this instance. Jason Anderson has responded today and not really on the incident itself, but more on the aftermath, how it was handled, and his outlook on things now.

Jason Anderson - "Okay so first things first, my man Jett comes at me after he passes me and beat me. Barks in my face. I bark back. After the race you have his dad, honda guy came up and apologize. You have his agent call saying sorry saying he will put a post on Jetts page saying sorry. Employees txts me sorry. I didn't take it personal like a shit happens deal. Like we are cool and it didn't happen. Not a word from Jett himself. Instead unfollow and silence from the dude everyone is apologizing for. We live in a day where kids throw a fit and stand behind everyone for the media clean up crew. Guys don't keep it real or take responsibility for themselves. I'll take full credit that I'm a dickhead often but you bet your ass I'll consistently be a dick head to you if I feel that way about you. The King won 72 races and kept it 100% real till this day. Jett will be amazing but he will never be The King. 71 to go."


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