Good, Bad and Ugly | 2023 Detroit 7

A gaggle of bullet points from 2023 Monster Energy Supercross.

'Good, Bad and Ugly' recaps some miscellaneous points from the tenth round of 2023 Monster Energy Supercross, Detroit. What would you put underneath each subheading? Head to the forum to join the discussion or share your thoughts over on social media (@VitalMX on Twitter and Instagram). For now, however, read on for some thoughts on Chase Sexton, Aaron Plessinger and more.


Chase Sexton rode incredibly well in Detroit and, in my humble opinion, this will be the start of a very impressive run. It is not the fact that he won that caused this idea to develop, but that he worked his way around every single big hitter with relative ease. Sexton could have panicked when he started in seventh, but he took stock of the situation and realized that he is actually stronger than his foes. Such validation resulted in a methodical ride and that should be the game plan from this point on – he now knows that works.

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In theory, if Sexton starts seventh in Seattle then he should be even more comfortable and patient. Is that recipe going to eliminate his minor errors? Yes, it should do. Confidence breeds confidence. It is impossible to deny that the momentum had left his corner following Indianapolis, yet now he has even more self-belief. Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb need to squash that this weekend, because another win would only aid Sexton's charge back into the championship picture.


No, this is not bad. It is just sad! Aaron Plessinger would have won the main event in Detroit, Michigan, and delivered on the promise that countless people saw when he entered the premier division. Would Chase Sexton have tracked him down in the latter stages? It would be fair to state that he would have, but making a pass would have been incredibly tricky. Plessinger simply had to hit the checkered flag and that, unfortunately, proved to be quite difficult.

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The pain was clear for all to see, but one can only hope that emotion has transformed into reassurance now. '7' now knows what he is capable of and will be able to utilize that newfound confidence. Would he state that he always knew that he could stand atop the box? Sure. Seeing is believing though. The way that Detroit ended is simply irrelevant and what was acquired inside of Ford Field will prove to be invaluable. Jason Anderson would love to have received similar reassurance, no?


Does the scuffle between Haiden Deegan and Jordon Smith warrant being under this subheading? It was dumb, sure, but ugly? Had both athletes been in a heap and unable to qualify, then the altercation would warrant such a harsh title. What is unpleasant is the reaction to the incident online, as well as the fact that the debate is still raging on. It would be brilliant to enter a parallel universe, where Smith was racing with someone like Jeremy Martin, to see if everyone would be quite so opinionated.

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The answer to that is already abundantly clear, no? Anything that Deegan is involved in, either on or off the track, is going to be headline news in the eyes of media and fans. It is tricky for this scribe to find a stance on this. It is utterly superb that the fans care so much – we need such passion and blind support for all of the riders in attendance. I think that is what makes the water so murky, in all honesty. There are no diehard Smith fans and therefore the argument is either for or against Deegan, which is just unhealthy.

No rider should be bigger than the sport, in any instance. It would be much healthier if those who are for Smith are arguing with those who are for Deegan, because then there are two sides making claims for their rider. Instead the argument involves those who adore Deegan and those who detest him, so where is the clarity? Is there such a thing as an impartial party when it comes to the '238' and all that he does? There are some unbiased members of the media who can provide such an outlook, but there is no hiding from the outcries on social media.


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