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Get some picks insights and tips ahead of Birmingham!

Round nine is ready to go! Take a peek for some tips or pointers before you dial in your team ahead of Saturday's gate drop. To get your picks in, head here: Manage Team

Before we jump into that though, if you haven't already seen it, our Fantasy game is free to play and win prizes but there's also an option to upgrade. What does the $10 upgrade for the year get you? A couple of things. First, it allows you to create private leagues, it also allows you to look back at rider's past results straight from the selection dashboard. On top of that, it also gives you the ability to see the live pick trends of each rider before the race starts, plus check them afterward, and you can download a CSV file that has all the results we have on file for each rider in that weekend's race.

This week's featured partner is 100%, which has put up a pair of Accuri goggles for grabs every single week for third place and a pair of Armega goggles to 13th overall in each individual series (Supercross, Pro Motocross, and SuperMotocross). The Armega is worn by Detroit winner, Jett Lawrence. To learn more about the Armega, head here:


Pick Trends

Even as the most expensive rider in the class, Jett Lawrence is the top 450 class pick at 43% this weekend. With a slew of injuries and riders having to pull out of Birmingham, a lot of rider's pricing has been moved up the scale. So yes, some of the top riders are probably some of the safer bets with the mid-field not having clear favorites.

There are two stand outs in 250s, with Haiden Deegan sitting at 45% and Max Anstie at 39% at the time of writing. Both of these riders have a slightly cheaper than usual price due to recent up and down results. However, either could win tonight?

Weather and Track Conditions

Due to ongoing rain, the track layout for Birmingham has been modified heavily! No more whoops, no more triples, it's a bit on the mellow side. With the remaining rain traveling through the morning of the event, the night show looks to be clear with no rain on the radar. How bad the track will break down will be fairly clear after practice, so use that as an indication of who to pick come race time.


Winning Team from Detroit

Hmm, finally a somewhat smaller team took the W. The top team in Daytona was comprised of just 10 riders for 147 points.



The best team possible was seventeen in Detroit for 183 points. If you'd like to see the best possible team each week, it's one of the features in our upgraded paid option for $10 this season. To view the best possible team, head here Daytona - Best Team. You can check the best team each week in the results section, it's located in the top information box on the far right under "Best Possible Score"


If you haven't already, sign up for Vital MX Fantasy here:

Learn more about the season and weekly prizes from our awesome partners: 100%, Kawasaki, FXR, Yoshimura, Eagle Grit, FMF, GUTS, Mika Metals, DT-1, EVS, Luxon, DeCal Works, Engine Ice, Troy Lee Designs, and Arai.

Weekly Prizes


  • 1st place: FXR jersey
  • 2nd place: DeCal Works backgrounds
  • 3rd place: 100% Accuri goggles
  • 4th place: Guts Racing seat cover
  • 5th place: $50 Yoshimura Gift Card
  • 6th place: Troy Lee Designs hoodie and hat
  • 7th place: DT1 air filter
  • 8th place: Mika Metals grips
  • 9th place: Eagle Grit hand wipes
  • 10th place: FMF moto sock and hat combo
  • 11th place: Maxima SC-1
  • 12th place: Arai hat

Season Grand Prizes


  • 1st place: Kawasaki Elektrode
  • 2nd place: Troy Lee Designs helmet, jersey, pants, and gloves
  • 3rd place: Yoshimura complete stainless exhaust system.
  • 4th place: Arai VX4 Pro Helmet
  • 5th place: Luxon MX Gen3 Pro clamps with 4-Post rubber bar mounts
  • 6th place: FMF 2-stroke pipe & silencer combo or a 4-stroke Factory 4.1 Slip-on
  • 7th place: DeCal Works full graphics kit
  • 8th place: FXR jersey, pants, and gloves with sublimated name and number
  • 9th place: Guts Racing complete seat
  • 10th place: EVS Axel "Slayco" knee guards
  • 11th place: Mika Metal handlebar and grip combo
  • 12th place: Engine Ice - 6 kits - case of coolant, hat, and socks
  • 13th place: 100% Armega goggles
  • 14th place: DT-1 Air Filter kit
  • 15th place: Eagle Grit MX Bundle

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