There are so many things to be thankful for in this world: pizza, the interweb, Megan Fox…the list goes on and on. So, in the spirit of this American holiday, a few of us here at VitalMX thought we would name off some of the things that we’re thankful for in motocross this Turkey Day. Some are obvious, others are obscure, but they all have to do with why we love this crazy sport.

Bryce Maxwell – VitalMX Sales Rep.; Michigan Mafia Conciliary

1. Rad "The Movie"

If you haven’t seen it, then you have no appreciation for what a track should look like. Hell Track…need we say more?

2. In-n-Out Burger

Okay, it has nothing to do with MX, but for Senor Maxwell, So.Cal is the place to be for moto, and is also the home of those delicious meat sandwiches.


Motocross at it’s best.

4. Whoever picks the outfits for the Monster Energy Girls

‘Nuff said.

5. Rob Buydos

The dude is American motocross to a “T” and has been announcing since, oh…before you were born. ‘Merica!

Bayodome – VitalMX Content Manager; Jeff Glass Wannabe

1. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park near Englishtown, NJ

It’s my alma-moto where I was first humbled by being completely schooled in pretty much every race I ever did there. Nevertheless, I still consider it one of the best motocross facilities in the country, although that’s extremely biased, and my days racing there in the sweltering heat and humidity of the summer as a teenager are some my fondest moto memories…even though I totally sucked on the track. “Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho…Raceway Park!

2. ,, and

Okay I know this is a really nerdy thing to be thankful for, but after each and every race, I cannot help but go through and dissect the best lap times, overall times, and just generally geek out on all of the little numbers that go into a race. MX is a pretty raw sport; if you win, you win…plain and simple. So it can be fun to go into the analytics of why RV2 or Cairoli won, and who might be the sleeper for the next round.

3. The Forum

Yeah, it’s probably an obvious one, but it is seriously just pure entertainment and has been from day one. Nowhere else can you get some late breaking moto news, directly insult a pro racer (and get a direct response from said racer), and see the best goon video ever put on the Web all in a single location. Now STFU!!!

4. The Family 1990 Honda XR80

I used to say it still starts on the first kick. Well, I just tried it today and that is not the case anymore. Not even close. But she still runs, even though I’m pretty sure the last oil change it received was sometime during the Clinton Administration. This bike solidified my love for moto when I would spend hours riding around the yard pretending I was Jeff Stanton winning the L.A. Coliseum Supercross.

5. Doctors

Think about it. If it wasn’t for doctors, nurses, EMT’s, and amazing modern medical practices, you would have to be crazy to throw a leg over a dirt. I’m absolutely obsessed with this sport, but that doesn’t make it any safer. Let’s face it, throwing your body over a 50 foot gap isn’t the most practical decision you could make, but I for one sure am glad that, if it all goes wrong, someone will be there to patch me up and hopefully let me get right back to it.

GuyB – Forum Godfather; Omnipresent Moto Guru

1. American Motocross and Supercross

I'm thankful that we have both motocross and Supercross seasons here in the U.S. Sure, most of us will never line up at the gate of a Supercross event, have to worry about making it through a set of Supercross whoops, or a table-to-table section. But the off-season and winter months sure would be boring without them.

2. Friends and Family

It's cool to meet people from the Vital MX forum at races, whether they're from the notorious side, or the, "I don't post much, but I'm on there every day," crowd. I've got a handful of close friends, an awesome girlfriend, and...well, who needs much more than that?

3. Two Wheels

Whether it's MX bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, or whatever, I love being on two wheels.

4. My Job

I love my job. I'm thankful that I get to road trip around the U.S.A. in the summertime while following the Nationals. What a cool and diverse country we have, even if I get reminded every single year of just how big it is. You really think I'd remember from year-to-year...but it's still a shock.

On The Road in Montana - More Motocross Videos

5. The Election (because it’s over)

And finally, I'm thankful the election's over. I'm all for democracy, but what a load of garbage that whole process has become...

Happy Thanksgiving. What are your moto Thankful Five? Gobble Gobble!

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