Vital MX Visits: Rocket Exhaust

Click the following link to get a video of Rocket Exhaust’s Don Leib talking about Rocket’s history, the product, and where they are today.

Here's the complete stainless exhaust/aluminum silencer. How about $449 for the whole setup?

A couple years ago, GuyB had visited with the gang from Rocket Exhaust, who were taking on a big challenge. They were looking at doing the R&D for their line of exhausts here in the U.S., but having the production done entirely overseas. That way they could take advantage of lower material and labor costs, and be able to pass along the savings to the consumers.

Rocket Exhaust's new inlet bezel

The inlet bezel is an all-new stamped stainless piece that took quite a while to develop the tooling for.

While some may raise an eyebrow or two at the concept, it’s actually a pretty well traveled path. There are probably a whole bunch more products being produced there than anyone realizes (including helmets, apparel, and a bunch of components) but as anyone who’s dealt with overseas production can tell you, depending on the vendor, getting a handle on quality control and maintaining it can be extremely challenging. Variances in materials and specs can result in some big headaches…and after stopping by last week, and listening to their tales, it sounds like Rocket experienced what could be classified as a whopper of a migraine.

Rocket Exhaust silencer mount

Here's a good close look at the CNC-machined bracket used to hang the silencers.

Now, two-and-a-half years into their project, they’ve undergone some major changes. The overseas production has been scrapped in favor of an all made-in-the-U.S.A. approach. They still use the same octogonally-shaped material for their silencers, but it’s thicker than the material being used before. They’ve also changed some of their designs, opting for a stamped stainless inlet bezel, and a CNC bezel at the exhaust end, rather than the die-cast pieces used in the past. Rocket’s Don Leib explained that virtually every part in the silencers has changed.

Rocket Exhaust end caps
Pick from the flavors shown, or wait and see how long it takes for a camo version to appear.

The other big change to their program is that they’re still selling through to dealers (with a better-than-average margins), but they’re also selling direct to consumers, and a stainless header and mid-pipe, along their silencer, is going for $449.00.

But that’s enough for here…click the video link above to get the whole story.

Need contact info? Here goes…

Rocket Exhaust
18520 Pasadena Street, Suite A
Lake Elsinore CA 92530
 (951) 471-3500


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