If you head to the Vtial MX Community section, and start digging around among the member profiles, you'll run across Setup Checks posted by the members here. We always have fun checking out the bikes to see what people have in their garages, the gear they use, and how they set up their bikes to make them their own. Below we've added eight new Setup Checks, and you can click the Vital MX member's name to go to their profile, and the photo to go to their Setup Check.

Don't forget, as a Vital MX member you can create your Profile, upload photos, and do your own Setup Check. That's an easy way to score bragging rights with your friends, impress chicks, and tap into that ever-elusive 15 minutes of fame.


Vital MX Setup Checks

Okay, we cheated a little on this one. Mosher doesn’t have a full setup check on his bike, but we added him here because he definitely has a drool-worthy mix of old and new school bikes in his garage.


Vital MX Setup Checks

Nealio took a big digger a while back (with X-rays to prove it on his profile). Check out his photos, and send him a get well message or compare scars or something.



Digital video screen grabs aren't the best way ever to show off your bike, but Mxwebcam proved that it can be done.



We've got room for all sorts of riders here, and dig girls that ride, too.



Mike's fiddy looks like a blast. His blog tale of his recent trip to Taiwan is worth a look, too.



Shenzi may have one of the few Hondas with black plastic that doesn't have holes cut in the side panels.



We like it when guys get their money's worth out of a bike. Rock on, 91...



It's true, once the glaciers receed, our brothers from up north like to break out their bikes and rearrange a little terra firma.


Photo bd may be all about business (check his profile), but when it comes to play, his bike of choice is a YZ125.


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