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in 2016 Suzuki has two factory level 450 teams; both are yellow, each has a championship caliber rider, they even share a race shop and quite a few parts... But which bike wins out in the hearts of the fans? We've grabbed a few shots of James Stewart's Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing RM-Z450 and Ken Roczen's RCH Soaring Eagle/Jimmy John's/Suzuki Factory Racing RM-Z450 for you to go through and pick a winner.

So which bike do you like better? Scroll down and take a good, hard look at each one, then cast your vote in the poll at the bottom of the page!

James Stewart's Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing's RM-Z450 - Mechanic: Rene Zapata

Although run out of Yoshimura's race shop in Chino, California, it's actually Suzuki's official factory entry into Supercross and Motocross.

The parts surrounding James Stewart's RM-Z450 are from a few exclusive aftermarket brands, parts from Suzuki Japan, and pieces made in-house at Yoshimura USA.

O2 sensor in the headpipe, titanium brake pedal tip, works water pump, anodized cases, along with some custom protection for the coolant hoses. There's lots to be seen here.

One part from either bike we'd like to take home, the team's custom carbon fiber skidplates.

Works Nissin billet calipers are the best to stare at... This one is so clean, the reflection could blind you!

Rene Zapata keeps his frames meticulously polished, which goes great along with the works Showa billet shock body. While some Showa riders are on the new BFRC (Balance-Free Rear Cushion), James is still on the standard design.

Under the right light you can spy the carbon fiber airbox aboard the Yoshimura Suzukis.

The billet lugs on Stewart's Factory Showa forks are larger to support a custom wider axle.

Do your titanium bolts have holes drilled in the center of them for even less weight?

New for James in 2016 is Renthal's Fatbars, as he's almost exclusively used a crossbar style handlebar during his career.

Ken Roczen's RCH Soaring Eagle/Jimmy John's/ Suzuki Factory Racing RM-Z450 - Mechanic: Oscar Widerman

While RCH is stationed out of Chino right alongside Yoshimura's own team, it's a bit of its own entity. They share many of the same factory parts, but also have a decent amount of differences.

The same Yoshimura RS-4 exhaust systems grace both bikes.

RCH's bikes have a few big name sponsors to show off on it's mostly black bodywork. Along with that drool-worthy, purple and blue, headpipe.

Ken's Yoshimrua powerplant is surrounded by plenty of goodies and billet engine mounts.

The clutch perch and unusual levers are both factory Suzuki goodies.

A peak at the Factory KYB PSF1 forks that grace the front of Roczen's bike.

The Factory KYB forks feature billet lugs, but are the same width as stock. The hubs are also straight from Suzuki Japan.

The RCH bikes have some beefier chain adjuster bolts and nuts, along with a custom axle and and axle blocks.

RCH's KYB shock offer high and low-speed compression, plus high-speed rebound up top, with low-speed rebound still below on the clevis.

Above the gas tank are two inputs for data logging and other electronic changes on the RCH Suzuki.


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