Vital MX Poll: AJE Motorsports vs. JMC Motorsports

Starting with the controls, the AJE bike has Mika Pro Series bars with Xtrig PHDS mounts and JMC are running ODI CFT Podium Bars. No fancy carbon fiber master cylinder guards like the factory bikes. 

Both have Xtrig ROCS clamps, just different colors. Again, these are quite popular in the pro pits. The split design gives the clamps a different flex character and also makes it more difficult to distort fork tubes, therefore making internal binding less likely. 

Everyone has their own logo now. AJE has oped for a Nihilo gas cap rather than the stock plastic one. 

Looking at the right side of the bike, you can see the very different header designs from FMF and Yoshimura. You can also see that both are running Rekluse clutch components, and AJE's cover has a unique look. The shocks are different, with JMC running the WP XACT PRO shock and AJE with the standard shock. A last little difference is the black water pump cover on the JMC machine. 

FMF vs. Yoshimura. 

Both teams cut extra holes in the air box, even though the stock air box panel has the "gill slits." Both teams have a custom painted gray frame but slightly different shades. 

Take your pick... Both are sharp and ready to eat some boots! 

As with most Huskies and KTMs, the motor doesn't show outward signs of serous work. They both look to be running stock engine mounts, with AJE painting theirs black. They also have a sweet P3 carbon skidplate. Looks like the riders prefer different levels of grip. Jacob's bike has the ever-popular grip tape with Matin's sporting the plastic frame guard. 

The photo of the Yosh muffler is framed closer, but even so it is easy to see how each pipe company has a different theory on how a silencer should be. FMF's is much narrower but longer, and Yosh's is short and stout. 

Both swingarms are coated with AJE black and JMC gray. You can also see the rear caliper on the AJE bike coated as well. 

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