Vital MX Pit Bits: Washougal 3

What's in the goodie bag from Washougal? Bikes that morph their looks between motos, new goggles and gear, and lots more.

Vital MX Pit Bits: Washougal

All right, let's dive into what we spotted this week. Justin Hill hooked us up with a One Lap video this week. We've been using a Schier Clamp from Schier Concepts when we can. Setup (and adjustment) is fast, easy, and secure.

Mmm...fresh powerplants for Austin Forkner and Joey Savatgy.

The red plates add an extra level of stress to everything you do. Billy Hartle and Aaron Plessinger already wrapped up one title this year, and are closing in on number two.

Eric Gass (left) was in the area, and made a guest wrenching appearance for Wil Hahn during the two-stroke race. That's Cooper Webb's current mechanic, Grant Hutcheson on the left.

With a full slate of healthy riders, and Wil Hahn on the 125, it was a little cozy under the Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha tent.

Here's just about everything necessary for fueling, fuel transfer, etc. Just don't get downwind of the ETS. It has an unmistakable scent.

It was good to see Josh Grant back in action. He looked good in moto one, but his recently-repaired ankle wasn't good to go for moto two. Here's hoping some extra time between now and Unadilla will help out.

Now that's what we call an air shock.

Some data stays in place during testing, and some (like on the linkage on Eli Tomac's bike) is full-time.

It was good that there was some extra time between motos at Washougal. The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM mechanics had some extra time to change their bike's personalities between motos.

Which did you like better? The black for moto two?

Or the more traditional (though still unique) orange/turqoise?

The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM guys also had some new gear for the weekend, which featured a much bigger than usual nod to the sponsor that was local to Washougal, Adidas. The pants are as absolutely light as it gets, and we heard that the riders had commented that it was like riding naked. They had a black set for moto two, and the blue here for moto one. Yeah, this will be available to the public.

Scott Lillis finishing up some safety wire on Michael Mosiman's bike. Micheal showed some extra speed this weekend...even if it may not have shown in the final results.

100% had a bunch of new goggles on the track last weekend.

Marvin Musquin styling in the new goggles (and gear).

Cooper Webb had some of the new goods.

Aaron Plessinger got the purple.

The GEICO Honda guys (like Cameron McAdoo here) had another batch of Shift gear for moto two.

Chase Sexton rocking new Shift gear...and 100% goggles during moto one.

Dave Feeney doing his own version of Jiffylube after practice. He's been helping out Phil Nicoletti while Zach Osborne's on the mend.

Justin Brayton had come to hang out with the gang at Adidas, and was spectating this weekend. Here he's chatting with Benny Bloss' dad, Jeff.

Fly rolled out their new gear at Washougal. It also looks like they've got something else in the works...

Adam Enticknap made his first appearance since the SX season wrapped up, and broke out his Too Lit bike for the occasion.

Josh Short with some of the new goods.

Weston Peick with a new helmet and gear.

Here's another flavor for the Seven Duece Duece.

More new Fly gear. Josh Grant models.

Carson Tickle.

Yep, the Rockstar Fly gear got a refresh, too.

Yep, KROC and Seven Duece Duece are buddies...

Kenny even rocked a My Bikes Too Lit butt patch for the weekend. Now if we can just figure out how to get that missing apostrophe in there...

Carson Brown opted for a 450 for his home race.

Yep, Carson looks good on a big bike, and he got his first points of the season in moto two.

Let's check out some Washougal life.

Ryan Villopoto had a very trick Sprinter put together. Besides hauling his bikes, it made for a great entertainment center late into the night on Saturday.

Finding a shady spot made for premium pit parking. Noah McConahy had it figured out.


The F15 fly-by courtesy of the Oregon National Guard before the start of the action was very cool.

Ah yeah...

Now that's a dedicated autograph-seeker...and commitment from Shane McElrath to make him happy.

There was a cool bike display alongside the Red Bull VIP area. We dug this one.

Alex Ray was hanging out on the backside of the River/Yamaha rig.

Alex crashed during practice, and almost got landed on here. The were some tire tracks on one of his frame spars from one rider, and also dodged this bullet...

That jersey...

One Benny. Many cups. According to, "Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage."

Benny Bloss getting a cooling spray from a small fan.

There were some taller fences added in some sections (like the outside of the first turn), but that didn't stop motivated fans. It just gave them a better (and sketchier) vantage point.

It was good to see Tyler Bowers back in action. Either he was feeling confident about his starts, or he really doesn't like too many tearoffs. He peeled off two full laminate stacks while he was sitting on the gate.

The electric leaf blowers used to flow some air through the radiators during start practice also work well on the riders while they're sitting on the gate.

The 125 race went off a little earlier than expected, but we did catch Ryan Villopoto grabbing the win.

The ageless Mike Brown grabbed second spot.

Wil Hahn nabbed third on his YZ125.

Here's your top three on the podium.

When a guy wearing a bald eagle mask and a red/white/blue skinsuit pours you a beer after the race, what do you do?

You twist the throttle.


Whoa, easy there, Colt Nichols...

Okay, let's throw in a blast of style before we go. Justin Hill knows style and said this was the best hit on the track.

Stankdog seems to agree.

Okay, we're not sure what to call this one. Either way, it's Justin Bogle getting creative.

Shane McElrath getting scrubby.

Eli tucked in for more speed.

'Sup, Kenny?

Noah McConahy getting in some flattie time.

Benny Bloss showing off how long his legs really are...or his Ninja moves. One of those two.

Okay, we're classifying this as a second moto DNF, and a good way to put an end to this edition of Pit Bits. See you in two weeks in Unadilla.

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