Vital MX Pit Bits: Unadilla

The Unadilla crowd came out strong on Saturday, despite not being able to come in ahead of time.

If you press the belly against the fence, you can at least get a four-pack.

Yep, Unadilla fans are a special breed.

Dylan Ferrandis may have been slightly off the pace at Unadilla, but it was still a podium day, and he has a 39-point lead with eight motos left.

The 100% guys were working on photos of some new product. We'd guess that includes these shades.

Aaron Plessinger was on the gas in moto one...until he had a big get-off that kept him out of moto two.

Jim Perry and Davey Coombs eyeing up the spot that caught Plessinger by surprise.

Pierce Brown went down in the same spot. The was a rut an hole along the edge of the bank that caught both guys out.

After Pierce's crash, it got fixed for the remainder of the dayl

Preston Kilroy's Suzuki. He had a strong 16-10 day.

Coty Schock's helmet ready to hit the track.

Racing requires notes. Lots and lots of notes.

While the top of Marvin's helmet may look white here, if you got up close, it actually was silver leaf laid into the top of the helme.t.

These new Twin Air louver covers are rubberized to help shed mud and sand more easily.

We spotted a new brand of tire gauge in the pits last weekend.

How do you calibrate this thing? Scanning the code on the back takes you to the manual.

Dean Wilson getting a quick brake pedal adjustment before practice.

Waiting. Kenny was on fire at Unadilla.

Garrett Marchbanks' bike got a new powerplant after practice when it wouldn't fire. He was also nursing a set of sore forearms after a recent arm pump surgery. But he did score a crazy road trip story trying to get it done as quickly as possible after Washougal, and struggling to make it to the doc's via plane due to storms.

Olly Stone throwing a foam party for Austin Forkner's bike.

Power tool time for some quick clutch changes after practice. (Above and below.) They get them just snug with the electrics, then give them a proper torquing.


It's hard to show just how steep the Screw U section really is. But this does a pretty good job.

Best retro numbers? That honor goes to Tyler Stepek.

Who's your pick for the 250 title?

It was good to see Seth Hammaker back in action.

What a postcard day at Unadilla. RJ Hampshire has been working on a new bike setup.

Now that's leaning it into the second turn. The racing between Justin Cooper and Jett Lawrence is getting really good.

Seeing spots with Jerry Robin.

Luke Renzland scored some points on a 125 Husqvarna two-stroke. We'd guess it's been a while since you could say that.

Luke also ran through several sets of new Fox gear, as well. (Above and below.)


Justin Cooper on his way to a moto one win.

From being wet in the morning, to needing water between motos. It was a tricky track prep day.

Some days it just goes like that. Cody Groves went home frustrated after this DNF.

Christian Craig getting some congrats from Gareth Swanepoel after moto two.

Not quite the level of Jett's signage, but Dylan had some fans, too.

We'll admit. It was just slightly embarrassing to hear the podium crowd chant, "USA, USA, USA..." before realizing the entire 450 podium was made up of foreign-born riders.

Johnny O' and Shane Drew congratulating Jett Lawrence after his second moto.

That's a well-outfitted chainsaw.

Yep, mechanics get intense, too.

Rooster's message for Kenny on the final lap.

Richard Sterling cheering on Carson Mumford. Look for Richard to move over to Red Bull KTM squad next year.

A few sample sets of the new '22 100% goggles went home with the crowd at the podium. Oops.

Justin Cooper was stoked on the New York crowd...just like they were stoked on his results.

Bobby Regan. Could the Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing crew sweep the championships this season? We'll know in four more rounds.

Everyone has fun on the sky shot jump.

Most everyone assumes the finish line is at the top of the jump exiting Gravity Cavity (which is where the finish line structure is). Nope. See the checkered flags mounted to the stick a few feet down from the top? That's where the actual timing loop is.

This new Fox kit? On Kenny and that Honda? That's a sweet match.

A track's worth of posts get trimmed before racing starts.

It was cool to see the track run all the way up onto the hillside at the southern end of the track, rather than cut off at the bottom like it had some for quite a few years.

One last blast of style before we go, courtesy of Austin Forkner.

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