Vital MX Pit Bits: St. Louis

We're well past the halfway point of the season, and it's time to see what's up in the pits and on the track here in St. Louis.

Vital MX Pit Bits: St. Louis

Welcome to the Dome at America's Center.

The gate being split by the bridge jump that straddles the gate is one of the unusual features here.

There were a few of the Justin Brayton Daytona win stickers around the Smartop MotoConcepts Racing pits. Mike Genova wasn't around for the race last weekend, but he said he was cheering along while watching on TV. Yep, they're an overnight success...after ten years of doing the same thing.

The JMC Motorsports guys (who Justin Starling rode for last year) have been staying with him in Florida, and he's pitting with them while here at St. Louis. He decided to ride the race on Thursday, and will be back under the AJE tent next weekend in Indy.

LVN100, and doing some pre-race prep on Cedric Soubeyras' bike.

Ah yeah, privateer life. Scott Champion had a tough crash in Atlanta, but that sounded better than the brown recluse spider bite that he got while sleeping in his van. At one point it was bad enough that he couldn't walk for three days. Yikes, better luck through the rest of the season, Scott.

There's another Payton trying out the KJSC this weekend. Ty is racing here, after his brother, Tanner, rode at Arlington.

The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM crew are giving a little extra love to the Nature's Bakery crew this weekend.

Goose and Shane getting some tips and tricks from Ian at KTM.

The 3D rig was back in the pits here, after some time in the body shop after it got hit on the road. It sounds like they may be hosting a Japanese rider this summer during the Nationals.

Malcolm Stewart eyeballing the track during the early morning inspection period. There was a lot of time spent among the riders, looking over the first two rhythm lanes following the first turn.

Marvin Musquin getting a quick adjustment during practice.

Marvin's a little ways down the time sheet this weekend, in seventh spot.

Thomas Ramette getting some tips from Wil Hahn and the rest of the Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha crew before heading out onto the track.

We dig the graphics on Cade Autenrieth's KTM.

Brandon Hartranft (114) has been showing some good speed lately.

Tyler Bowers stretching over the finish line jump. Yep, that's new Seven gear.

Ouch. Cooper Webb had crashed earlier in the week and injured his shoulder. He gave it a try here, but the crash that did this to his silencer was the final straw. He's out.

We don't see all that many seat humps lately, but Tyler Bowers is rocking one on his Monster Energy Kawasaki.

Eli Tomac was the fastest qualifier in the 450s.

Josh Osby crashed out at Daytona, but is back this weekend.

Michael Mosiman getting dialed in between practices.

The 250s, awaiting their time out on the track.

Tyler Bowers and his daughter, Maxwell, who's a big camera ham.

250 co-leader Austin Forkner was second among the 250s...right behind Zach Osborne. These two seemed to be around each other a lot in practice.

Zach Osborne pulled the top 250 time out of the final practice. He and Austin Forkner are sharing the red plate here,

Last week's 250 winner, Jordon Smith, was third among 250 qualifiers.

Ah yeah, this is a cool butt patch for home-stater Austin Forkner.

We'd guess Thomas Ramette turned a few heads by qualifying in ninth spot. Not bad for a guy who'd finished his AX season, had been doing outdoors riding, and only had a couple days on the Yamaha before heading for St. Louis.

Jeremy Martin was fifth among the 250s.

No one can say Blake Baggett's not a team player.

Christian Craig laying it down through the whoops. Talking with some of the riders here, they say the whoops are good-sized, but pretty consistent.

Now that's some berm surfing. Jason Anderson was fifth among the 450s.

Dean Wilson showed some speed, grabbing fourth in the 450 class times.

Malcolm Stewart was on fire in the first timed practice, quading a section before the triple-triple-triple leading to the finish line, and that put him on top of the time sheets.

Fourth in 250 qualifying? That's Martin Davalos's domain.

Happy birthday to Chad Reed. He's thirty-something...we can't remember exactly...

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