Vital MX Pit Bits: Spring Creek

Ah, Spring Creek memories. It doesn't seem that long ago that we saw Toolie (Tim McAdams, left), wheeling Ryan Dungey's bike to the line for his first pro race. Ryan was the Grand Marshal for the weekend's event.

Every year Henry Miller and FXR do something special for his bike, and this year was no exception. The plastic and graphics on his Yamaha matched up nicely with his gear.

Ah yeah, Miller time. He was 11th overall at Spring Creek this time around.

Here's one more peek.

The Phoenix Racing guys showed some love to the local team for the fans. Here's Ben LaMay's bike.

After having the red plate all season, it was odd to see the white background on Eli Tomac's bike for Spring Creek. He remedied that issue with a 1-1 day.

Scott introduced their new '19 line of goggles at Spring Creek.

Here's Joey Savatgy with one of the new goggles.

Lots of gear manufacturers also busted out new options last weekend, like this Fox set.

The Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki guys also introduced this new version for moto two.

Um...we're not sure on this one.

Ken Roczen had a couple different sets of gear to introduce during the day. Both were clean and classy.


Thor introduced their new Prime Pro last weekend.

This doesn't do the best job of showing off the flower print on this one, but it looked good on the Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha guys.

Cooper Webb also had a flavor to show off.

We also got a deeper look into Answer's color selections.

Shift also busted out some new gear, with a couple different flavors for the GEICO Honda squad, as seen with Cameron McAdoo (above), and RJ Hampshire (below).


Jeff Crutcher went the DIY route on his jersey, to show off his love for Kansas City. He also swapped up some of the colors on his graphics kit for the weke.

The carbon chain guide on the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTMs are slotted in the rear, so the mechanics can change the angle for different gearing, or as the rubber block on the interior wears.

The Team Honda HRC bikes were back to their usual graphics package this week, after the one-off design for RedBud.

Remember the pinkish/purplish tank finish that they were using earlier in the season? They also have a more natural ti color option, and that's been in place since RedBud.


Blake Baggett isn't particularly fond of helmet-mounted cameras, which is why Nate Alexander dialed him in with this bar-mount for Blakes Garmin 360 camera. This spot provides a really interesting perspective, and it's interesting to see how much the suspension is working as the brake cable loops up and down in front of the lens. If you try something like this, make sure you don't get the brake cable caught over the top of it.

We lucked out with some fairly mild weather this year, but that didn't mean all the fans stayed in the trucks.

RJ Hampshire's bike got a quick engine swap after practice. It's pretty amazing to watch the precision teamwork that goes into this. They busted it out in short order.

Jimmy DeCotis was struggling a little this week after a bout of food poisoning.

It seems like lots of guys have been running their start devices lower the last season or so, but Weston Peick has been pretty consistent in his placement. He's also big enough that setting it isn't an issue.

Spring Creek Life. A tip of the hat to John Martin and his crew for the great facility.

Branded was the featured band this year, and they brought their flavor of hot country.

It's always fun shooting a little music during the summer.

The sand left by water flowing through the center of the track during storms makes a perfect spot for some track building.

Fans get up close to the riders as they return to the gate during start practice. Ken Roczen isn't afraid to throw that hand out.

It wasn't hard to spot this guy as he moved through the crowd.

We've heard they're awesome, but we're still missing out. Maybe next year.

For the hot and sweaty months, you'll nearly always find a drying rack for sweaty gear outside some of the top rider's motorhomes. The fan to dry Marvin Musquin's boots is a nice touch.

How about a quick fuel top-off for Eli Tomac by Brian Kranz after the parade lap?

Ah yeah, there's nothing quite like an early morning forearm treatment. That's Doc Navarro, and Blake Baggett.

How excited was Enzo Lopes to get back to racing? His face says it all. He broke his collarbone at High Point.

Meanwhile, it's hurry up and wait for Christian Craig. It was good to see him hanging at the races, though he looked a bit frustrated about the wait for his ACL surgery to heal up. He said he's been doing a fair bit of cycling while rehabbing.

Stankdog must've had problems in the LCQ, as he finished way off the pace, and didn't make it to the final motos. Next week.

John Ayers checking in with KROC about questions or concerns on the track before the day's racing. Ask four riders, and you'll get four different answers.

Kenny's Frenchie gets to ride along with him on his helmet.

How fast do the mechanics break down the bikes after a race? This was probably 45 minutes after the second 250 moto. The mechanics at the 450 trucks weren't far behind. Engines and suspension will get shipped back to JGR, and lots of the other components will live in bins until next mid-week, when the team will do their build at Washougal.

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