Vital MX Pit Bits: Southwick

These two (John Tomac and Bobby Regan) seemed awfully happy to be at Southwick.

Who better than John Dowd to help carve in some berms? The track crew did a great job on the circuit after some heavy rain the day and night before.

Home away from home?

What's an easy way to know that you're at Southwick? Look down and check out the surface...and the tire selection.

Despite all rain the day before the National, conditions were pretty good.

Adam Cianciarulo was well-prepped for the sand.

Hmm...anything interesting in there?

We have to admit, it was a bit odd see a Southwick National without Jimmy Decotis participating. He's still riding for fun, but is working in the real world now.

We'd seen a recent press release for the new line of Husqvarna eMTBs, but this is the first one we'd seen live.

It's good to see fans and the riders starting to interact again.

There's the double-blast treatment. Brake cleaner, plus an air hose.

Chris Canning gave everyone something to think about by posting a video of him doubling a section of the track where you normally wouldn't consider doing that. It was good for video fun, but not really practical for racing.

Yeah, Marvin.

The crowd came out strong for the National.

Barry and Cory Carsten.

It was good to see Kyle Chisholm back in action after some time off with an injured shoulder. Alias CBD and 3D Racing helped him out on the weekend.


Rango and Pierce Brown.

Man, that zipper on Christian Craig's back tells a big story of how gnarly these guys are.

Fish tales or suspension talk? Sometimes it's hard to tell.

Post-race debrief with Seth Rarick, Gareth Swanepoel, Justin Cooper, and Jelly.

Coty Schock exceeded the limits of traction right before this.

Alex Ray doing a bit of body surfing in the first turn.

Now there's a Bobby Piazza fan.

It was good to run into the Kinirys at Southwick.

How do you know Bobby Kiniry is a former racer without saying so? That's one of the more obvious plate/screw setups we've ever seen.

Hmm...we do like the all-red boots on Jett Lawrence.

That's a different look.

We've seen people in the forum questioning Kailub Russel's speed. Considering the major concussion and jaw injury he suffered right before the start of the season, we think he's doing fine.

Phil Nicoletti was on the sidelines last weekend. It hasn't been an easy season for him so far.

Southwick doing what it does. It's awfully hard on equipment.

If your bike blows up, you find the cheers where you can.

Anyone back there? Jo Shimoda was on the gas at Southwick.

Would you have picked Shimoda as the top-finishing Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider this season?

Cool vests and fans for the riders sitting on the line are starting to show up, but we've been pretty lucky with heat so far this season.

RJ Hampshire has been giving away too many points this season. He could have won maybe the last four or five motos.

We watched Hunter Lawrence's practice starts, and over and over, he'd carry the front end about this high for a lot of the start straight.

Style points. Ken Roczen showing how it's done.

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