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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest! Check out the latest edition of the Pit Bits!

Seattle has a different vibe and we're here to show you the behind the scenes, latest in the pits, and more from the only Supercross in the Pacific Northwest! Enjoy.

When the champagne spray goes wrong!

The pits in Seattle are indoors, giving a different more inclusive feel.

With most indoor pits, tractors have to be parked outside to eleviate the amount of fuel sources inside. Also no generators can be used and all the trailers use ship-to-shore cables hooked into the event to power all their needs.

No awnings and much less work space then most are used to.

Little less room than the teams are used to.

Dylan Ferrandis' machine parked, which it may stay that way for the rest of Supercross if we had to guess.

Inside view of the Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha 450 rig during race day.

The Monster Energy Kawasaki guys have been going for an angled bike position in their pits for a bit. Better view of the bike? We're not sure, but we like it.

Another view of the Kawi pits and how close the fans can get.

Stars and red, white, blue on helmets is just right.

Handguard life for Mumfy.

Eli Tomac warming up on Yamaha's own brand of e-bikes prior to hitting the track.

You'll find some interesting personal sponsors on helmets...

Justin Barcia after the main had finished up and the pain setting in.

Logan Karnow has been through quite the ringer lately! From having his main sponsor bail, losing all his bikes, and more...but he's rebounded with some great results as of late and some interesting new sponsors.

With everything going on, Karnow has been left with only a 450 to get through the rest of the season. Meaning we didn't see him drop back down to a 250 for the West coast rounds, instead sticking to the premier class.

TCD is Karnow's long-time suspension crew and they setup his Kawasaki with some WP Pro Components both front and rear this year. Also note Karnow's "unique" title sponsor.

WP shock to match.

Umbrellas? Teams were using them to keep all their pit carts covered during the light showers that kept popping up throughout the day and night.

Eli Tomac getting warmed up on Yamaha's own brand of e-bike.

Jo Shimoda on track walk with his father, who he hadn't seen in over a year.


The Solitaire guys had FMF onboard as their title sponsor this weekend.

The SGB team went full semi this year, which actually used to be the ClubMX truck before they got their latest setup.

HRC pits looking a little calmer these days with one rider in each class.

How are we feeling about Hunter's number font now that we're part way into the season?

Ziggy and Factory Connection work as a contractor, helping out with some of the 250 development when asked. Keeping a little of the Factory Connection Racing legacy with Honda's 250 program alive.

Air hole placement and spacing does make a difference, it's not random.

Looking to keep the weight low? The HRC team is with their graphics kits that are just each logo with a small strip connection each piece.

This CMT USA skidplate is available to the public but was made specifically to HRC's exact requirements.

Chase Sexton's machine started the day as the only HRC 450 but sadly was parked for the night show due to his huge qualifying crash.

On the HRC 250s there's a little carbon fiber guard over that vent in the front number plate to protect the bottom pivot for the steering damper. On the 450s we don't see that guard as neither Sexton or Roczen runs a damper.

HRC triple clamps still in place, no more X-Trigs for a couple weeks now for Sexton.

West coast is back but Gared Steinke is sticking with his 250 instead of dropping down to the 125 again.

Motosport Hillsoboro is also based in the PCN, being right across the border of Washington in Oregon.

Haesker builds all of Steinke's engines, both the 125 and his 250 two stroke.

Never know what fork stickers you'll see from the MX Tech crew.

The AEO team was born from their dealerships in Southern California and Arizona, but the Seattle round is still sort of a home race for them. Both the team owner - Jeremy Scism and team trainer - Jay Whipple are from the Pacific Northwest originally.

AEO has an in-house suspension department called REP, operated by Mark Johnson, who was the WP tech for Red Bull KTM during Dungey's time with the brand. You can get that knowledge for your own setup by reaching out to them.

They've also developed their own linkage based on that knowledge.



Of the "Factory Backed" teams, HEP is one of the only not on Renthal or Pro Taper bars. Notice the map switch that has been taped down in one position?

This is the second year that the HEP squad has been on Showa kit suspension, after a few seasons aboard Ohlins components.

While the RM-Z450 comes with Showa's BFRC shock stock, the HEP team returns the machine to a more traditional shock layout when going A-kit.

55 tooth rear sprocket? Geezus!

Johnny O'Mara has been around the block a few times and has guided some of the greatest racers throughout their careers. The Lawrences are really in great hands.

The Seattle round is the closest thing to a home Supercross race that the Oregon-based has so they were the primary sponsor for the ClubMX team this weekend.


Until the next race!

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