Vital MX Pit Bits: Salt Lake City 7 2

Let's wrap up the Supercross (and Salt Lake City) seasons with a tour of the pits.

Vital MX Pit Bits: Salt Lake City 7

We're all in this together...but separated.

David Vuillemin, Dylan's wife Nastasia, and Dylan Ferrandis scoping out the track before practice.

With a warm day expected, and a track that dries quickly under harsh sun, the Dirt Wurx crew had it rather wet to start the day. By the end of the main events, it was blue groove in some sections, and like a skating rink.

The triple at the south end of the stadium got a couple of adjustments to both the takeoff and landing during practice. Early on, some of the 250s were struggling to get over it.

There was an odd feeling to the last race, like it was the end of summer camp.

One of the most interesting bits of the series of races here was Bell springing a sneak peek at some upcoming product on us during the final practice sessions. Both Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb were sporting this helmet, but went back to their more familiar Bells for the race day.

We can't wait to see what's going on with this one internally.

Here's a back view of Cooper's helmet.

We know this one has been under development for a while now. We'd spotted Cooper wearing a prototype at Aldon's before Daytona. It was cool to see it make its debut here. We'll let you know as soon as we have more info.

The final race of the series always brings out a bit of new goodies, like the gear that the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM guys were using.

Alpinestars had new gear for all of their 450 guys, including Barcia, Anderson, and Tomac.

Even among the brightest Fox and Thor gear, you weren't going to miss Jason's new kit.

Here's an on-track peek at Jason's gear.

Eli had spent much of the season in black (or dark) gear, so it was quite a change to this setup.

Fox had a couple variations of this color theme. The Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki guys wore this setup.

Ken Roczen and Reedy wore this style, which had a lot more black in it.

Kenny's bike also had different graphics and bar pad, to more closely match the gear. That's something that we don't often see Team Honda HRC do.

If it's championship time, you know John Kuzo's ready with some gold 100% goggles.

Following Killian Auberson's recent spinal injury, the AJE Motorsports guys were handing these stickers out to riders who would rock them. Austin Forkner was on board.

A couple of the global refugees of Supercross (Dylan Ferrandis and Hunter Lawrence), chatting before practice.

Let's hear it for the real privateers. Alex Nagy was one of the guys who spent the three weeks in Utah camping in his van in a motorhome lot set up a block away from the stadium.

What do you do when your graphics don't arrive in time? Well, if you're Jerry Robin, you fashion up a stencil, buy a can of spray paint, and get busy. We've seen temporary numbers done a lot of different ways, but this was a first for us.

Kyle Peters hanging out under the Phoenix Honda tent.

Shane McElrath looking for tenths during qualifying. Matt Winters suggests a triple-on at the end of one of the rhythm sections.

There was a little mayhem during qualifying. Take this practice start as an example. Chase Sexton had his line set up, but Pierce Brown and Shane McElrath cam in a little hot behind him.



Jett Lawrence went for a side-saddle exit during one of the 250 West sessions.

With the early start to the day, Malcolm Stewart brought donuts to the track.



The really scary one was seeing Zach Osborne making a quick exit without his bike after a really ugly crash in the whoops where he caught a handlebar in the gut during a rapid stop. Luckily, he was okay and came back with a strong race.

Shortly after Zach's crash, Tyler Bowers stopped by to check in with John Gallagher about something on the track.

Cooper Webb getting a quick suspension setting change from Carlos Rivera.

Was this the last dance for Chad Reed? Time will tell.

Let's blitz through the top qualifiers in each division. (250 East and West were timed separately.) In the East it was Chase Sexton on top, with a 48.735.

Second was Colt Nichols, at 49.585.

Shane Mcelrath clocked in third with a lap of 49.952.

New Supercross 250 Rookie of the year, Jo Shimoda, as fourth at 50.693.

Chris Blose rounded out the top five with a 51.099.

Dylan Ferrandis had the fastest overall time with a lap of 48.346.

Second in the West went to Jett Lawrence, at 48.953.

Austin Forkner scored the third quickest time with a 49.262.

Justin Cooper was fourth, with a 49.473.

Sitting in fifth was Michael Mosiman. His best lap was a 50.010.

In the 450s, it was a tie atop the leaderboard. Both Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb checked in at 49.438.

Cooper was co-quickest.

Malcolm Stewart was next up in third spot, at 49.496.

Dean Wilson nailed down the fourth gate pick. He stopped the clock at 49.604.

Benny Bloss grabbed the final spot in the top five, with a fast lap of 49.630.

We'll admit, it was weird seeing a tie down to the thousandth atop the leaderboard.

Here's how interviews happened at long distance.

Eli seemed rather amused by the tie in times.