Vital MX Pit Bits: Salt Lake City 5 2

New gear, new helmets, and taking a stand. That's just a bit of the Pit Bits from SLC5.

Vital MX Pit Bits: Salt Lake City 5

Heading into the fifth race of the final seven rounds in Salt Lake City, Ken Roczen had more than his share of ups and downs. There had been talk of breathing problems, a tire issue at one race, and finally, he mentioned that he'd been diagnosed with a case of shingles. Vegas oddsmakers wouldn't have given you much of a chance of winning on Sunday. Ken had other ideas. Let's hear it for riders and teams that don't quit.

Justin Brayton and Shane Drew hanging out before the start of Sunday's action. Proper social distancing engaged.

Justin rolls his bars forward a bit more than we've seen from some other riders.

Sunday's forecast? More rocks. Justin Hill decided to opt for more protection. The way this track laid out with a long sweeper on the front straight, and the riders hard on the throttle throughout, the mechanics were under a pretty relentless rain of roost.

Martin Davalos has been a pleasant surprise during the last few rounds. He's been looking a lot more comfortable, and a lot faster on his Team Tedder KTM.

Some teams like to keep things tight around the rig. Chad Reed's team is one of them.

The same goes for the BWR Engines squad.

Ah...fresh air and awesome scenery for the GEICO Honda crew.

Christien Ducharme going rounds on Jett Lawrence's front wheel.

Hmm...what do we have here? A new Leatt helmet?

When you show up at an event thinking you're the only one with new gear... Broc Tickle and Kyle Chisholm had matching sets of FXR gear for the race on Sunday.

It looked like Richard Taylor was rocking some new goods, as well.

Shift has been rolling out some new gear the last couple of races, and Christian Craig had this color set all day.

Hunter and Jett Lawrence watch practice and live timing on a couple of monitors near the track. Jett's setup had some people claiming best set of the year, and others thinking he was naked while racing.

Hmnm...we can't say that we'd seen this gear on the TLD guys before.

The Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki guys had a pretty neutral helmet paint scheme for this round of races.

Richard Taylor spent some time in Illustrator and designed his own kit. We like it. The two West coast races here in Utah were his first crack at Supercross.

Josh Greco is among a small handful of riders who are taking advantage of the available motorhome lot while living in their vans during this string of races. Alex Nagy is another.

While the West coast races conclude, things are closed up at some of the East-specific teams, like Phoenix Racing Honda. They'll be back in action on Wednesday for one more round before the finals.

John Short didn't want to sit around between the East and West races, so he was on board his 250 to get in some extra testing time. The 450 backgrounds? They didn't get overnighted in time, so he was sporting these numbers.

Mitchell Oldenburg doing a little bit of boot maintenance before practice.

Luke Clout getting his bar and lever setup dialed before Sunday's action.

Fuel depot, anyone?

Whoa, that new Yoshimura pipe on Martin Castelo's bike.

Masks and big beards don't necessarily least easily.

Yeah, Deano. Dean's been putting in some fast times in practice, and spent some extra time on starts before Sunday's race to try and tighten up that part of the program.

Aaron Plessinger eyeing his 450 Yamaha.

The Monster Energy/Yamaha Factory Racing guys were signing plastic before the races to take care of a couple of dealerships who'd missed out on team signings due to rescheduled races.

Justin Cooper getting set to hit the track.

Judging from the comments on our Instagram page, we know that this is an issue that'll prove unpopular with some people. But we were stoked to see Malcolm Stewart step up and make a stand about the recent turmoil in the country with his butt patch. Heck, while we've been here in Salt Lake City, there have been demonstrations, or we've seen people with signs of support nearly every single day. We're not trying to politicize it, and we doubt that Malcolm is, either. But a show of support for racial equality? Taking a stand? That's fine with us. It was interesting to see a similar show of support from Bubba Wallace on the NASCAR side of the racing world, and the conversations (and change) that it generated. Kudos, Malcolm.

Dialing in Eli Tomac's helmet between sessions. New, fresh liner and cheek pads, and a good cleaning? That's part of the service.

Carlos Rivera giving Cooper Webb's bike a rinse between sessions.

Ken Roczen has three sets of boots in rotation. Two were ready to go...

And a third set was on the dryer. See how creative you can get with a trip to Home Depot for a batch of PVC tubing, plumbing flanges, hose clamps, and a hair dryer?

These flat corners were particularly interesting sections for SLC 5. We were actually surprised that there wasn't more contact there. It was certainly a clinic in the braking, cornering, and acceleration moves throughout the races.

Yeah, it was easy to see that Broc Tickle's broken hand is still bugging him. We spotted him shaking it out a few times during practice.

The big scoreboard at Rice-Eccles Stadium suffered a DNF on Sunday.

Martin Davalos waiting to hit the track.

Fastest Qualifiers? Let's go. In the 450s, it was Eli Tomac on pole, with a 43.557.

Benny Bloss was second with a 43.704. This section was interesting, with some deep outdoor-style ruts that didn't get reworked between sessions.

Third went to Jason Anderson, at 43.788.

Dean Wilson nabbed the fourth spot, at 43.824.

Tiptoeing around the corner before the finish line, was the fifth qualifier, Ken Roczen, at 43.860.

Dylan Ferrandis topped the 250 class qualifiers, at 43.890.

Jett Lawrence continues to impress in his rookie season, nabbing second gate pick with a 43.909.

Christian Craig clocked third fastest, at 44.187.

Austin Forkner was fourth, with a 44.373.

Michael Mosiman rounded out the top five, at 44.677.

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