Vital MX Pit Bits: RedBud 2 1

Let's check out some behind the curtain action from the second RedBud National...and the first-ever on a Monday.

Vital MX Pit Bits: RedBud 2

RedBud 1 was pretty tech-heavy (and if you missed that one, you can check it out here. For RedBud 2, we looked a little more at the lifestyle around the races. 

It was good to see James Stewart back at the races. He was hanging out under the Team Honda HRC tent with Chase Sexton for a little early morning breakfast.

James was keeping a watchful eye on Chase all day long. He can't fault the elbows up riding position.

The bottles are what most teams use to top off their bikes after the parade laps. The stickers? They're to designate who's allowed in the signal area each race. Obviously these bottles are well-traveled.

Checking the initial fully extended measurement.

Trey Canard also keeps an eye on the Team Honda HRC guys during their motos.

While these guys are working through the season on their 2020 bikes, Trey will be tasked with getting an initial setup for the team on the 2021 models.

Joey got short-changed here during warmups. The bike on the right is more suited to taller riders, while the one on the left is sized to fit Alex Martin.

Just a couple of globetrotters on the American scene. Dylan Ferrandis and Jett Lawrence.

After a crash in practice sheered off the shift shaft on Adam Cianciarulo's bike, the team did a quick engine swap.

Want a chance to win this bike, and help Brian Moreau? Like always, the Road 2 Recovery crew is lending a helping hand.

If you hang out in the forum, you know the importance of properly torqued sprocket bolts...though Damon is obviously removing these on Dean Wilson's wheel.


The red plate does look good on the Honda. As we saw in the first moto on Monday, expect Jeremy Martin and Dylan Ferrandis to battle throughout the season.

Tristan Lane has a pretty unique setup for traveling around the Nationals. This crate travels with the Gear Services crew, and contains all his equipment.

Ah, privateer life. Sometimes you just have to jettison everything out of the van and start over with reorganization. Just ask Matthew Hubert...or his dad.

Joey Crown is now with the Rock River/Yamaha crew, and we caught him doing a little bank shaving with his clutch hand.

Mr. RedBud himself, Tim Ritchie, checking on the track during Monday morning's practices. The track was a bit deeper and heavier for the second race of the doubleheader, which the riders seemed to like. It also made Larocco's Leap a lot harder to do, which was an unintended byproduct.

Dean Wilson just signed another deal with Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna, and O'Neal.

Broc Tickle was pumped on 8-5 day for sixth overall.

Justin Barcia with his post-practice debrief.

Justin Cooper getting some advice from Wil Hahn.

That looks like some chocolate cake roost.

Jordan Jarvis has been to all the Nationals so far. While she's yet to make it into the final 40, she's been laying down some pretty darn fast laps.

Jeremy Martin had a couple of different styles over the finish line jump, as you can see above and below.


The Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki guys (like Cameron McAdoo here) were sporting new Fox gear on Monday.

Adam Cianciarulo also had a couple of new sets, as you can see above and below.


It's odd, every time we run a photo of Eli Tomac in the new Bell, it gets some reaction from fans of the older (and much-loved) Moto 9. We're still curious to see what technology is built into this one.

Fredrik Noren catching gears.

Jerry Masterpool. Between Ty in the 250s, and Jake in the 450s, he's got his hands full.

When Gared Steinke needs his gate packed, but you have a fractured fibula and a wrecked ACL, it's a one-legged operation.

Adam Cianciarulo stretching it in morning practice over the Leap.

We like Jo Shimoda's style, but Jett Lawrence in the background...

You know how we know that the vents on the top of the Fly helmets work? The sweat strip channels sweat off to the sides, and away from Blake Baggett's goggles.

David Vuillemin provides some analysis for LeBig.

Family time with the Osbornes.

...and the Hampshires.

Yep, rookie winners get sprayed.

Adam got to share with his mechanic, Justin Shantie. This was the first 450 outdoor win for each of them. Just chalk it up as Winner Problems.

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