Vital MX Pit Bits: RedBud

Let's start off this week's Pit Bits with a peek around RedBud. You have to jump to Facebook for the fullscreen experience, but it's worth it. While you're there, make sure to give the page a like so you're always up to date on anything we post..


Jeep was a big sponsor of the weekend, and they were showing off their new Gladiator pickup.

This particular Jeep had a Hellcat Hemi dropped in for a powerplant. Now THAT sounds fun. Kevin Moranz was having trouble deciding which one he liked better. His bike, or the Jeep.

A man and his castle...

The fans have a ball at RedBud, during the day...

...and at night. How about a two-stroke pipe beer bong?

Some of it makes little sense ("Feed the pig, feed the pig!" Just got with's Reddddd Budddddd!

There were fireworks throughout the weekend...

...and plenty of other fun mayhem.

There was even a Larocco's Leap Lite beer.

Of course, it wouldn't be RedBud without teams bringing their tri-color game. The Monster Energy Kawasaki bikes were among the fan favorites.

Eli Tomac's race-winning bike, before it hit the track.

Alpinestars had this gear setup for Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson, and Justin Barcia.

Bell and AP Designs killed it with this one.

Eli slithering over one of the RedBud jumps.

Just1 had Joey Savatgy dialed on his gear, too.

Joey also did his part for the weekend's fun.

Fredrik Noren's Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Suzuki.

It's not often these days that all of the JGR bikes have matching graphics.


Here's Throttle Jockey's take on the RedBud look for teTeam Honda HRC.

Ken Roczen during practice.

D'Cor also dialed in the GEICO Honda crew with a graphic/seat cover combo. This was really clean.

The biggest challenge on these is making sure the stripes on the graphics and seat cover line up cleanly during installation.

RJ Hampshire, ready to rock.

Fox got to show off this red/white/blue version of their V3 this weekend.

The GEICO Honda guys are serious about keeping their spark plug cap in place.

Aaron Plessinger's Fourth of July edition Monster Energy/Yamaha Factory Racing 450.

Lots of the Pro Circuit-sponsored teams were using these red, white, and blue stickers on their mufflers.

Justin Cooper's Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha.

The Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna guys had their RedBud graphics package in place. It's not always easy to get all the sponsors involved (on both sides of the Atlantic) to agree on a look for a one-off look.

Zach Osborne gave it a shot in practice, but a Thursday crash damaged the joint where his collarbone meets the sternum, and he was having trouble hanging on. With the next weekend off, he'll have some time to heal, and hopefully will be able to rejoin the series at Millville.

It's been a minute for Dean Wilson to race in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, and it was good to see him in action again.

Michael Mosiman missed out on Southwick after a practice crash, but it was good to see him back in action at RedBud.

Daniel Castloo, doing a little handwork to make sure that Michael Mosiman has some fresh edges on his pegs.

The Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/KTM/WPS crew brought their patriotic look for the weekend.

Trey Canard and Dan Betley. Trey was asked about filling in for Cole Seely, and the idea of a low-pressure role was appealing to him. In the end, he decided to opt out, citing a lack of proper prep time. about Jerry Robin as a fill-in rider over at Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna?

We're not sure what Hunter Lawrence and his pop were looking at, but it doesn't look like the comedy channel.

The factory guys weren't the only ones to get in on the patriotic graphics action. That's Brent Rouse pushing his way through tech inspection.

Mid-season? Yep, time for some fresh rims.

W.O.E. (Waiting On Engine.)

A bike probably helps when toting wheels around, but we will question the sprocket next to the calf.

Alex Martin wasn't doing Larocco's Leap, but after doubling it, he had a sweet line from the top of the final jump onto the bank leading into the next corner.

Brandon Hartranft grabbed his best moto finish of the season so far at RedBud, with a sixth in moto one.

Tim Ritchie making the rounds.

Keeping things looking top-notch is a full-time job. Justin and Big B handled canopy duty this week.

Zane Merrett looks like he's ready to have some fun. He's been among the TPJ crew this summer, and has has shown some speed.

The 125 All-Stars had a pretty interesting crew of riders at RedBud, including additions like Nick Wey and Todd DeHoop. Justin Cokinos (444, on the other side of Nick), did a nice job of controlling the first turn, and he jumped out front.

Exiting the first turn, Nick Wey (27), Trevor Schmidt (749), Luke VonLinger (812), and Joseph Dalzell (243) are chasing Justin Cokinos.

Yep, a pack of screaming 125s will get your adrenaline (and nostalgia) going.

Nick Wey ended up second in this one after working his way forward.

Nick Wey was working the off-camber section to his advantage.

Trent Wittwer ended up in sixth spot.

Todd DeHoop finished up in 15th.

Here's your winner, Justin Cokinos.

We love seeing the next generation of fans having fun at the races.

You have to watch for that occasional snake in the grass.

The track still had a lot of sand in it, but it was definitely RedBud. This section also offered up plenty of options.

Yep, we have lenses that'll shoot from here to South Bend, but that's not where the fun is.

Jacob Hayes laying down the power during start practice in the morning.

Coty Schock was having some fun with the fans. He said he was yelling, "RedBud!" as he styled over Larocco's Leap.

We'll put this tour on hold until we reconvene at Millville. See you there.

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