Vital MX Pit Bits: Red Bull Straight Rhythm 11

Nope, no two-stroke smell, but there are a few goodies here that'll stoke out the ring-dinger crowd.

Vital MX Pit Bits: Red Bull Straight Rhythm

Ah yeah, remember the days before EFI, when factory mechanics would wrestle with jetting on their bikes? It was back in full force last weekend at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm. Just about everyone we talked with was wrestling with some form of jetting issue. Aside from that, the four KTMs for Ryan Dungey, Ryan Morais, Shane McElrath, and Jordon Smith were stout indeed. They did not bring knives to a gunfight.

Josh Grant had Jamie Ellis at Twisted Engineering dial in an FC250 Husky for him. He also had a WD-40 sponsorship for the weekend.

Tagger did up a pretty sweet lid for him.

Christophe Pourcel was entered to ride in both classes and Bud Racing had a pair of Huskys ready to go.

It looked like Bud had nearly their whole catalog thrown at these things.

The bad news for Christophe was a likely broken toe that slowed him down a little.

What's up, Doc? With an airshow at Huntington Beach the same day, there were quite a few interesting aircraft flying in and out of the nearby airport. This one is a Douglas C-47B Dakota.

Ryan Villopoto came dialed in with a retro-styled '18 YZ250. The boys at Pro Circuit had done it up in full-race style.

Mitch was into the retro vibe of the race, and arrived in a hat from the days when they were sponsored by Splitfire and Peak.

TM was represented this weekend by Johnny Jelderda (on a 300), and Ryan Surratt in the 125 class.

Carson Brown had a day or so of riding on a JMC Motorsports 125 Husky before heading to Pomona. He took the win in that class. Depending on what happens between now and A1, it sounds like the JMC guys would like to have him on one of their bikes for the 250 West series.

Yep, there was a Beta competing in the tiddler class.

Ryan Sipes was ready to go, on an ex-Dirt Rider test bike from Husky's pool.

Cedric Soubeyras' Bill's Pipe Suzuki. This thing was pretty trick, as they dug around the shop to come up with some goodies for it. Yep, that's a real, simulated cone pipe. (the weld lines were added for affect.

Something really trick, was the aluminum fuel tank from Racin' Station.

Dubya dialed in some of their riders with custom decals for the weekend.

Colton Aeck had his bike ready to take home for some lucky buyer. We're not sure if he sold it or not, but the opportunity was there.

Mike Brown was ready to rock, but had a short night.

There's a lot of retro(ish) in here, with the apparel (and Skip Norfolk off to the left side), but the team did up a cool McGrath-styled Yamaha for Luke Renzland.

Steve Matthes enlisted the help of Cameron McAdoo for a Pulp MX entry.

Tyler Bowers broke one of the digits on his left hand at the Monster Energy Cup and wasn't able to ride this beast...though he sure wanted to. The docs tried to set it...twice...but the errant bone kept slipping out of place, so it ended up requiring a pin. It was trick, though. The powerplant had a full ti bolt kit, and Doc Wob supplied a replica of the aluminum tank that Wardy used back in the day (though his was painted green).

Tyler's KX500 also had a full modern front end on it.

Spencer Luczak built up the '04 KX125 that AJ Catanzaro was riding, and also provided both positive and retro pit boards to riders throughout the day.

The KX125 that AJ Catanzaro was riding was one of the trickest (and likely most expensive) bikes out there. It was really quick...and almost took home the win in the 125 class.


Last year's champ, Gared Steinke, wasn't quite at 100% this year, but he did get to rock the number one on his bike, and also sported Bud Right logos on his jersey and bikes.

We're seeing more and more of the Just1 gear on this side of the pond.

Ryan Sipes was sporting some of the prototypes of Leatt's new goggle offering.

Eric Peronnard and his crew were on hand to make sure things ran smoothly.

Next stop for Josh Grant? The Vet Worlds.

We haven't seen the dingle-dos on a TLD-painted lid since...well, Jeremy McGrath was wearing them at Anaheim. Other things to note here include the modified fin on the top (to work around the vents), and the paint graphic. We don't have a good angle on it, but from the top it's a skull design.

A pocket full of wrenches to keep Sipes' bike singing.


It was good to see Christophe Pourcel in action, but it didn't last long during the eliminations.

Ah yeah, just a perfect Fall day, scented with two-stroke exhaust...

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