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Let's turn up the temperature.

When work is done, and there are ponds available, it's time to go fishing. The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna guys were having good luck catching bass right next to the stadium.

Yep, mechanics like shooting photos of their fresh bikes, and they have better access than we do this season. (We have to stay clear of the team tents.)

Drying in the afternoon sun? Those were Dylan's boots. He apparently likes them cleaned inside and out, so they get filled up with water after race days. Fortunately, Florida was much warmer than Indiana.

Amy and Freddie Noren are awaiting the next addition to the Noren clan, which should arrive around the time of the Arlington rounds.

Fox had a new Sprinter set up to service their riders.

Austin Politelli getting his morning warmup in at the HRT rig. He'd suffered a concussion at the previous round, and spent part of the day on Friday undergoing his concussion testing.


The Team Tedder setup.

Walking the Kawi pit cart into the stadium. Yeah, it's a bit of a workout.

Everyone had lots of mud prep to their gear, but for the most part, it was unnecessary.

While it dumped rain in the morning, and was threatening-looking throughout the day, it was mercifully rain-free once the track crew removed the plastic.

Oscar Wirdeman doing a post-practice download from Adam's bike. With the warmer weather, the team rigs were a lot more open than they've been for recent races.

We can't wait to see the 250 West guys start their season at Orlando 2.

Just a bit of carbon fine-tuning on Ken Roczen's skidplate.

Since Orlando was so close to all the Florida riding facilities, we saw more than a few practice bikes getting a refresh.

This osprey was keeping a watchful eye over the pits.

It was good to run into Ryan Dungey, who spent some time with the Raceday Live crew.

Eli is ahead in points, so he gets the top spot under old glory.

It was good to see Michael Mosiman at the race, and even better was hearing that his broken hand didn't require surgery. Even still, seeing a fresh cast is never a good thing.

One of the things we spotted before the bikes headed out onto the track was making sure that the coolant was topped off.

It sounds like Max Anstie will be back for Orlando 2, and he'll join up with Brandon Hartranft.

Deano is in the spring shock club. It was good to see him back on the track.

Some of the mechanics we talked to (like Zach Osborne's wrench, Dave Feeney) said when it comes to mud prep, it's easier to take things off than put them on. But he had this set of handguards sitting and waiting, just in case.

Ogio killed it on the new 9800 bag for Jett Lawrence.

All that red...

It's good to see fans back and checking out the bikes before and between sessions.

Jordan Troxell dialing in Kenny's points-leading Honda.

As usual, the unknown (and changing conditions throughout the day) made it stressful for the goggle guys like John Kuzo.

One of the Motoconcepts helmets Leatt helmet and goggles awaiting its rider.

We haven't seen it yet, but apparently, there's a mud protector for the WP air shock. On the other hand, they've apparently been used in some really nasty conditions on the other side of the pond with no problem.

With the defined "bubbles", gear guys have to pick up boots and helmets to clean and refresh, and then return them to the team rigs.

Martin Davalos.

Ah yeah...when you crash during practice, and your mechanic has to mine the die-cut mud plug from the rear of your exhaust.

Josh Varize has put in some really solid rides recently.

Christian Craig out in front in his session.

It was good to see Shane McElrath back in action, and on his 450 debut.

Since it was his first race of the season, Shane was in the B practice. He was plenty fast enough that he won't be there for Orlando 2. He'll be in the A group.

Oscar Wirdeman and Adam Cianciarulo.

Mookie and Aaron Plessinger scoping out the track before practice. What do you think? Are these guys where you thought they'd be at the start of the season? Are they overachieving? We've been impressed with both of them.

Mid-day DNF.

Heading out onto the track. Jason Anderson was the leader after the first session.

As always, Fox was rolling out some new gear.

Kyle Chisholm slicing through one of the corners.

Despite the rain, the track proved to be in great shape. (Thanks, Dirt Wurx.) Riders like Justin Bogle were taking advantage of the available traction.

All right, who has the better style through this corner? Kenny (above), or Eli (below).

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