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Okay, we're a lap down on this one...but blue flags be damned...we're coming through the pack.

With weather coming later in the day, and truck drivers looking to make a quick exit south afterward, nearly all the teams were working inside their rigs at the final Indy round. Of course, that was made a little easier with Max Vohland on the sidelines. If all three riders were healthy, it would have been a bit too snug inside the rig to pull that off.

It's always nice to see a team actually using their sponsor's product. The Muc-Off Honda squad decided it was nice enough outside during the day to ditch the tent for a fast post-race retreat, but that they'd also work outside. The Muc-Off alllowed them to do a quick spray and wipe on the bikes.

Ah, those adjusters on Justin Brayton's bike.

What else is different on JB's bike? To clean up the front of the bike for him, his mechanic, Brent, has routed the clutch line in front of the bars, rather than behind.

They've also moved the regulator from back by the shock to up front.

He still has some HRC goodies like this brake. What makes it unique? Not all the pistons are the same size on either side.

JB10 (and it sounds like several other 450 riders) have been using a 110 rear tire when the whoops are likely to get rutted, so that they don't catch the sides of the ruts as much.

JB waiting on practice.

While it wasn't the most elegant solution, we were happy to see the AMA try to resolve an error on pulling Mitchell Oldenburg from an earlier round. While it was good for Mitchell, it didn't really make everyone else happy.

Here's the best peek yet of the Muc-Off Honda rig. There are some very talented industry vets working under their tent.

It was cool to see the Yamaha guys honoring of their recently departed heroes. Unfortunately, Mike recently passed away.

It might have been killing him on the inside, but Christian Craig did a good job (at least externally) of being patient when his bike wouldn't fire during the first timed practice.

Headed for the warmth of the stadium.

(In our best Cheech and Chong voice), "Hey, what's in the box, man?" There was a little extra item hanging out with the Rockstar Husky pit cart...just in case.

The interesting part right now is watching a few of the KTM and Husky riders bounce back and forth between the WP Air and traditional spring shock. At the final Indy round, both Cooper Webb and Jason Anderson were on the spring shocks, while Osborne, Musquin, and Barcia were all on the air shock. Talking with some of the crew there, it comes down to rider preference. As you can see from the attenuator mounted behind the shock, KTM is always collecting data, even during the races.

The charge of the 250s during the final A session.

Fox was putting the Cow in Kawasaki for Adam Cianciarulo last weekend.

The gang at OCD always do a killer job on Marvin's helmets.

It's interesting to check out the different pit board colors that different riders and teams use to try and stand out from the crowd and get their message across.

It was cool to run into Tommy Hofmaster and his son, Rylen in the pits during the day.

It looks like Rylen inherited some of his dad's speed, as he finished a close second in the KJSR.

Who's on Team Sales?

And who's on Team Piazza?

Oof. This was an awkward crash. Josh Varize and Jeremy Hand were locked up like this for a bit, and needed some help untangling the mess before they were able to move.

It's cool to see guys racing hard on the track...

...but able to click to dirt bike guys talking dirt bike stuff right afterward. Colt Nichols had an amazing ride through the pack to get back to the podium after crashing on the first lap. It was also fairly amazing that Jett Lawrence raced at all after his crash earlier in the week.

There's no 'rona getting through Keith Clickstein's setup.

Hmm...spell-check on pit lane, please? Savatgy? Savagty?

Best style during opening ceremonies? We're going with Ken Roczen's one-footed nose wheelie.

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