Vital MX Pit Bits: Indy 2

Justin Rodbell getting set up.

The snow from Saturday was gone, but not the chill. Everyone was pretty well hunkered down in their rigs. Between Indy 2 and 3, the Monster Energy Kawasaki guys made use of the Tony Stewart race shop to rebuild their bikes in a bit more comfort.

The PRMX guys were braving the elements again without setting up their awning or additional tents.

Here's what it was like trying to get bike shots on Tuesday. Everyone had their full weather screens up, so getting bike detail beauty shots was a bit tough. Vince's bike got a whole bunch of new front end components after his Saturday crash, where Alex Ray later landed on his bike.

On the outside looking in, at Colt Nichols' bike.

We're still waiting on Max Anstie's return...or in this case, the start of his season.

It's awfully har to miss the Muc-Off Honda rig.

To keep the heat in, and the wind to a minimum, most teams have a preferred end of the tent to enter/exit from.

Adam Cianciarulo's goggles (above) got a bit of custom Fox strap matching to better go with his gear and boots (below).


Griffin's dad, Kenny, scored his first win of the season last Saturday and had an even more convincing on Tuesday. He'll have another win sticker to go with this one on the back of his helmet. He may not appreciate comparisons of his riding now and his riding back in '16, but it's starting to look similar.

AC92's wrist braces getting the clean-up treatment at Fox. Rather than working under the team tents like they normally do, most of the gear/goggle/helmet support guys are working out of rental cars. Everyone has their Covid bubble they're supposed to stay in.

It looks like the use of helmets on the floor of the stadium is expanding.

Training scooter.

Grant Harlan and Buddy Brooks making the haul into the stadium.

Hmm...worn out sticker? Or wrong number?

You'll usually find a current track map on the back of the Pro Circuit Kawasaki pit boards, so the riders and mechanics can quickly reference where they're talking about on the track.

Jordan Troxell getting Kenny locked in for a practice start.

Malcolm Stewart had a great race going until near the end during Tuesday's round, hovering around the top five. Unfortunately, he slid back near the end.

The Fly crew dug a little deeper into their color options for the Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/KTM/WPS crew. We like this combo.

Zach has been speedier than he's shown so far. We're waiting for him to break out.

Uh-oh...add Jason Anderson to the Get Well Soon crew.

How about a few wheelies in the dark? Justin Barcia...

Dylan Ferrandis...

And Cooper Webb.

New goods from 100%...their X-Ray Armega.

Marvin Musquin and Cade Clason (over on the outside) both got screamer starts in their heat race.

Jett Lawrence had a really tough day with crashes...including a particularly violent one in the whoops. He made it through the LCQ and was on the line for the 250 main, but it was fairly clear he wasn't feeling it. Normally, he'd have his headphones on and be doing a little headbanging to whatever was on his playlist. This time there was just more of a frustrated frown, and you could tell he was trying to make a decision.

He was in...until he wasn't. It was odd seeing him back out of the gate, and making that decision had to be tough.

Here's to better days ahead.

Early in the 250 main, Michael Mosiman looked like he had the goods to nab a win. Maybe Indy 3?

Colt Nichols was a victim of lap counting confusion...or no pyro...or both in the main event.

Hey, moms want video, too.

Matt Winter nabbing the last of the champagne from the trophy.

Justin Bogle getting the low-down on the track from Colt Nichols.

We're guessing neither Vince Friese or Ken Roczen expected their mid-main meeting.


Jo Shimoda and Jeremy Hand had an odd meeting during their heat race.


Kevin Moranz ran in the top five early in the 250 main, but got tight near the end and slid back to tenth.

Christian Craig is still one of the guys in the hunt for the 250 East title, but he wasn't enjoying being away from the family for the trip to Indy.

After being on the podium early in the season, it's odd to watch the highs and lows Marvin Musquin is going through. Hmm...are those some new vents on the top of the Airoh helmet?

Whoops. Brandon Hartranft taking a mid-race break. He got stuck like this for a bit.

You can tell Aaron Plessinger has some more confidence (and a whole lot more fun) these days. He was in fourth for most of the 450 main, until Cooper Webb nipped him at the end.

It's always nice when the points leaders throw in a bit of extra style.

Kenny booting a field goal from the 50-yard line. That's it for this round. Check back soon for another Pit Bits.

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