Vital MX Pit Bits: Houston 2 6

The rounds are coming at a furious pace. Is this post-race from Tuesday? Or pre-race for Saturday?

Vital MX Pit Bits: Houston 2

How's that for a sweet-looking bike and team setup? Justin will have the red plate again for round three.

Christian Craig took over the red plate after winning the first round of the East series last Saturday.

How's that for an eye-catching graphic on Vincent Murphy's bike?

Nearly all of the AllSouth team's bikes use the black/white setup, though there may be an orange version there in the back.

Ricky Fowler has been a longtime supporter of Kyle Chisholm's racing efforts, and he's riding along with him again.

Quite a few of the fast qualifiers got a little in-stadium sound check time.

Luke Neese is slotted in with the PRMX guys.

Buddy Brooks dialing in Grant Harlan's Honda.

It looks like Maxwell Sanford has found a home under the TiLube/Storm Lake Honda awning.

We poked around the team's pit carts between practice sessions, and found a few goodies. Jett has a pretty sweet set of starting blocks. The pins slide down between the grate on the starting gate so they don't slide around.

Team Honda HRC's cart has a cool quick-release setup for the wheels. The toolbox? It might need a sticker update.

There are always new batches of pit boards for all the teams for the start of a fresh season.

The Rockstar Husqvarna guys are podium-ready, with their drink cans, and hats.

How about a folding stand to keep things trim on the cart?

Some of the pit carts had gotten pretty monstrous, and it looks like Kawasaki downsized a little for this season. Making space in the rig is always a consideration. It looks like a lot of thought went into this one. This one features a couple of slide-out tool drawers (like they have in the bed of their mule), plus a slot for the pit boards.

That's a pretty sweet disc setup on the Kawasaki cart.

We liked this Alpinestars look on Jett Lawrence.

Adam Cianciarulo has been sporting new Fox stuff at the first two rounds.

Jason Anderson went for the monochrome look on Tuesday.

Hmm...we can't say we've seen that Thor gear on Cooper Webb before.

Ken Roczen was impressive at round one.

Chase getting a post-practice debrief.

The Unknown Industries guys put on three shows on Tuesday afternoon.

Fans are back in the Fanfest. Yes, there are some chains to keep the fans a little further distant from the teams, but they can still get picks of the bikes. Autograph sessions are also on hold for now, but we have seen some riders signing posters that the team will hand out away from the rig.

The steeply banked berm before the mechanic's area made for some interesting lines. After the outside got deeply grooved, it seemed to move to a middle line that only caught the end of the berm.

Justin Barcia spent a good portion of Tuesday night's main event without a shift lever on his GasGas...and he was stuck in first gear for much of that.

It's been pretty quiet under the Dunlop tent. Brian Fleck pre-installed something like 160 tires with the teams before they left for Texas, so there have been minimal changes so far. The black and yellow crew also have a new trailer this season.

Justin Bogle getting his warm-up in. No, that's not a headdress, that's a lotus flower that's part of the Sweet Life CBD sponsorship that the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC WPS KTM has added for this season.

Rock on, Austin.

After the color blast at round one, a lot of teams moved to black (or dark) gear for round two. The whole Star Yamaha squad (except for Malcolm) fell into that group.

Lots of the gear companies had something that popped for the first round, and a lot of them were a little more traditional for round two.

Best of the gear for the weekend? That'd be Chase Sexton's custom Astros A-Stars gear. Each of their sponsored riders will get a custom treatment or two during the season.

Zach Osborne was pushing hard to catch Eli Tomac during Tuesday's 450 main, but a crash dropped him to tenth at the finish.

Malcolm Stewart has been looking good this season, and currently sits in seventh place in points.

Olly Stone makes a quick clutch plate swap on Austin Forkner's bike after one of the practice sessions. He has one custom tool to hold down the brake pedal so he doesn't have to remove it, and rather than drain the oil, he has a wedge that he uses to tilt it up and prevent it from spilling. These guys have to be fast between sessions, and all have their tricks.

The Motoconcepts Leatt helmets. The team recently picked up sponsorship deals with Motosport, and GoPro.

It was good to see Eli rebound after a tough start to the season, and make up a huge amount of points in one round. He's now sixth in points, and it's only four points to the leader.

So what was the difference between H1 and H2 for Eli Tomac? He said he made a small fork change which added to his comfort level, and he also got a much better start.

Dylan Ferrandis' bike waiting on some new forks.

Fueling up with some Bud Light Lime.

It was a rough weekend to be near the track. There was this crash with Marvin during practice that took down one of the flaggers, and another one during the 250 main where Curren Thurman's bike took out photographer Rich Shepard. Fortunately, both will be okay...but let's be careful out there, gang.

There were several guys who deserved better than they finished on Tuesday. Chase Sexton for sure was one of them. You could say the same for Adam Cianciarulo, and Zach Osborne, as well. Unfortunately, Chase dinged a shoulder, and will miss at least H3. Get well soon, Chase.

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