Vital MX Pit Bits: Hangtown MX National

We're back with the latest version of Pit Bits from the 2022 Hangtown MX National! There's over 100 photos in here, lots of tech, cool gear, tools, and more! Dive in and enjoy.

Justin Bogle's machine had a Ohlins steering damper equipped this weekend. However, Bogle pulled off part way through moto one and didn't return for moto two, so we're not sure how effective it was.

Outdoors means larger capacity carbon fiber fuel tanks are back!

The HEP crew uses an array of WD-40 products.

When friends help you out with a little extra support.

Ryan Dungey is the only Fox rider that is racing in the upcoming Instinct 2.0 boot.

A shot of the regular Instinct boots in use by the Pro Circuit riders and Ken Roczen.

Just to give you a better idea how much extra fuel that Barcia is carrying due to his high throttle position riding style.

Another full waffle convert?

Some custom lettering for Christian Craig, who has switched to Gaerne for the Summer.

The BBMX pits look a little different these days. The Rocky Mountain logos have been removed and wrapped over with plain orange...and the team is awning-less at the moment.

Chase Sexton's machine.

The Honda truck had a little extra red under it this weekend with Sexton and Jett Lawrence's red plates.

A peak at the BFRC shock that Chase Sexton has adopted for the Summer. The shock has been in racing since around 2013 but hasn't been received as well in the US as it has in MXGP.

To learn more about why Sexton has chose to run it, check out this interview we did with him over the weekend.


New look on the Honda semi doors.

Lots of attention being given to the defending champ's machine.

The other red plate under the HRC semi.

Little extra breathing room for the HRC 250s.

The new Honda CRF250R platform must run a bit cooler in outdoors conditions as the team has ditched the oil cooler they ran last year on the old platform.

What's up with the bare seat base? It's put on for washing purposes.

Hmmm...whatcha looking at?

E-bike stand?

Yes, please!

Butler Borthers Racing's look for outdoors.

FCP solid aluminum engine mounts for Freddie Noren.

Slotted steel engine mounts for Benny Bloss.

When you need two t-handle racks each...lots of tools of the trade.

The Kawasaki Factory team takes cooling seriously.

You don't want to run into Jeremy Coker in a dark alleyway, or in the first turn at a race.

The Yamaha 450 truck is quickly gaining number one plates. Last year's signed by Ferrandis...

And a place holder for Eli Tomac's 2022 Supercross plate.

Who's winning this stare down?

We like the way the AEO crew organized their spare Renthal bars for each of their riders specific type.

MORE VENTED PLATES PLEASE! Ty Masterpool didn't compete this weekend due to an on-going wrist injury and we're unsure on his future status.

Ghosted 956 in honor of Jesse Masterpool.

Little radiator louver protection from Hurly.

AEO isn't just a dealership, it's also a respected suspension shop. While they work on all forms of moto suspension, WP components are known as their specialty.

Mark Johnson, priorly the WP technician for the Red Bull KTM team, heads up AEO's suspension department and specialty parts under his REP branding.

Derek Kelley is racing his first outdoor season for a full-fledged team, locking down a career best 11th overall at Hangtown aboard AEO's KTM 250 SX-F.

The split clamps we see popular amongst the KTM racing bikes aren't all the same. This set here, aboard the AEO machine, are the same powerparts clamps you can buy from a local dealership...

However, the set of Dungey's machine are a little different. The clamps aren't completely split, but are tied together at the pinch bolt point. While the consumer version are split all the way around.

Ryan Dungey's machine features split engine mounts, with a lot of center are material removed.

Are you fast enough to have your initials and number on your levers?

Dungey's Red Bull KTM 450 SX-F featured a fork mounted data reel early in the day. Dungey admitted in his interview that he chased his setup too much throughout the day and should've made a few less changes.

New tire?

Dunlop introduced this pattern tire, known as the "784", and seems to be quite popular for the 450 class heading into outdoors.

We've noticed factory level 250 teams doing a lot of tire grooving this year as well.

Steady as she goes.

After an okay opening round, Eli Tomac was finally able to get in a solid week of testing as his knee has recovered quite nicely.

Christian Craig runs some quite tall bar mounts, made in-house at Yamaha.

While Eli Tomac runs a set of X-Trig PHDS mounts that have been fitted to his Neken triple clamps.

Last week we miss-spoke in saying we believe these fork caps signified LSF air/spring hybrid. In fact, these caps can also be used with spring-based works KYB fork.

Eli Tomac's caps changed this weekend, so we believe he has made a change in system but we're not sure to what version.

No ribs but a small seat hump for Craig.

Ribs and no hump for Tomac.

Tell us you've wrenched at a few Nationals without telling us you've wrenched at a few Nationals.

The SGB Unlimited semi was on hand at Hangtown but with no riders present. We'll see what Thunder Valley holds in store.

Pesky moisture in the air lines.

Tall fork tube...hmm...

What's under those stickers? Some sort of swingarm modification by the Pro Circuit squad.

Just a little bracing and support on the PC radiators.

Mmmm...yes, please.

Joey Savatgy made his return to racing and return to Monster Energy Kawasaki. Going 11-9 for ninth overall.

Ribs and seat hump for Savatgy.

Communication specialists.

We can't make this stuff up...

Justin Rodbell has joined the team for the remainder of outdoors.

This tricked out KX450-SR was piloted by Josh Mosiman.

Showa A-kit...drool...

Last weekend, Josh Mosiman raced a Honda and for Hangtown he lined up on a KX450. Follow his content to see how it went.

Bet your starting blocks aren't this trick.

The BarX semi still has one lone rider under it....but hopefully in the next round or two we'll see Kilroy or Mumford back in action as well.

Rob Hendrickson, from RG3, is assisting the team this year. Rob has decades of experience, especially with Suzuki factory programs.

Spare wheels on the BarX SXS, with the sprocket size written on the tire for less searching under a quick change.

Fox V3RS lid of Ryan Dungey.

Can you guess which Pro Circuit mechanic this belongs to?

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