Vital MX Pit Bits: Glendale

We're back at the giant spaceship in the desert, the State Farm Stadium. After some renovation last year, the grass field was back in its usual spot, rolled on its tracks outside of the stadium. How cool would it be if there was a Supercross track on the other side, ready to roll in?

During practice, the roof was open to let some sunshine in. Later in the afternoon, things clouded up, and we wouldn't be surprised to see it closed tonight.

The ProTaper SELA start device got a lot of attention, since Dean Wilson will be riding with the prototype tonight. Check the homepage for more details on this one.

If you want to draw tons of attention to a tiny little logo on a bike, putting a piece of tape over it and marking it as censored is the hot ticket.

On the bike it's barely noticeable. So what's the deal? It's for Ignite, a CBD brand of products that seems to have attracted way more attention than it should thanks to NBC asking for it to be covered up. Maybe there's a good reason for it. But most people we've talked to shrug and not worry much about it.

Thor busted out some new gear for Cooper Webb and the Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha crew.

Here's the new gear on 250 West points leader, Colt Nichols.

Austin Politelli has a cool new helmet from Tagger.

Funny one from the H.E.P. Motorsports Suzuki guys.

They also have this sticker for their radiator caps. Yep, they have a sense of humor.

There's lots to check out on the Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing 250 Suzukis. We like the Hinson ignition cover and JGR clutch cable mount.

Dylan Ferrandis has his "tach" on the bars for easy reference.

The Rockwell Yamaha crew quickly diagnosed their problems after the race on Saturday night, and it basically came down to not having quite enough time for the engine change that they'd made. Despite appearances, the motor was just wasn't getting the power to the rear wheel. The team is actually hoping to have a second rider under the tent to join Mitchell Harrison for next weekend.

Topping off the battery on Aaron Plessinger's bike.

The Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki guys are looking for max stability through the whoops, so they always run their axles back as far as they'll go in the swingarms.

We like this cover on the Monster Energy Kawasaki bikes. Hmm...we might guess that there's some sort of speed sensor under there as well.

Top five qualifiers? How about Justin Hill on the top of the 450 sheets? He was followed by...

...Cooper Webb...

...Eli Tomac...

...Jason Anderson...

...and Marvin Musquin. Malcolm Stewart also showed some impressive speed early in the day.

In the 250 class, the top five were Dylan Ferrandis...

...Adam Cianciarulo...

...Colt Nichols...

...RJ Hampshire...

...and Jimmy DeCotis.

Just a little A/B comparison of style for Joey Savatgy.


Since Sunday features the first of the amateur SX events for this year, some folks (like Cobra) that aren't normally seen made it to Phoenix. Heath Harrison needed a place to pit, so the Cobra guys were more than happy to accommodate.

This Suzuki flattracker was in their display area.

This is the first round of the KJSR for this year, and they kids had a little homework to do (AKA their autograph signing).

Pinnacle Nutrition Group is a new squad that will have a new line of goods soon. Michael Sleeter is working on this with the team owner, and Gage Schehr is the rider under the tent.

Every week we get some surprises on who's showing off their speed. This week it was Justin Hill.

The equipment always makes a good vantage point for the Dirt Wurx crew.

Lots of riders were wheelying over this small jump to line up a bigger launch entering one of the rhythm sections. Sean Cantrell demonstrates.

We'll admit, we were surprised to see Justin Starling line up this this week after a tough crash at A1.

Ah yeah, one of the friendliest smiles in the pits, courtesy of Trey Canard. He's still doing plenty of testing for the Team Honda HRC crew.

Justin Barcia getting suited up in the morning.

Alex Nagy is hanging with the SKVI guys while on the west coast. He's still a road warrior privateer, living in his van between races, and putting in an insane amount of miles to make all the races.

Ivan Tedesco is helping Garrett Marchbanks with riding tips.

Ryan Dungey gets some father-to-be advice from Big James Stewart.

There was a pre-race demo in the pits featuring Axell Hodges...

...and Taka Higashino (among others).

There was also some V-twin freestyle from the Unknown Industries guys.

Twitch has his 12:00 o'clock style.

Ah yeah, a fine example of one of the best learn-to-ride bikes ever. The Hodakas were durable, fun, and best of all, cheap.

Chin-ups, anyone?

As usual, style gets rewarded. Justin Brayton leads into this segment.

450 points leader, Justin Barcia.

Dean Wilson and Marvin Musquin.

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