Vital MX Pit Bits: Foxborough 1

We're in Patriot territory, had a Gronk sighting, and are doing a day it's a little frenzied.

Vital MX Pit Bits: Foxborough

We caught Supercross Ref, John Gallagher, doing a little yard work on the track this morning. There are definitely some lunkers out there for rocks.

The Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna and Traders Racing crews checking out the track during track walk. Dean Wilson went down in practice and landed on the same shoulder he injured earlier in the series. We'll have to see how it affects him here...but he did qualify in fifth spot.

It was cool to see Robert Kiniry out during track walk. What's he up to since retiring from racing? He's now a corrections officer in New York state.

Thomas Ramette getting warmed up ahead of the morning's action. He's made some improvement on the Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha, and was fourth-quickest here.

There was a weird incident last weekend in Minneapolis, where Justin Barcia's mechanic, Shawn Bell, got clipped by a cart in the staging area, which tweaked Justin's bike and broke Shawn's leg. Shane Drew filled in on wrenching duties last weekend, and since Cooper Webb's out with a broken leg, his regular mechanic, Grant Hutcheson, is filling in for Justin this weekend.

The Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing crew are trying to figure out their roster for the summer, and are waiting to see how Justin Bogle is recovering. According to Malcolm Stewart, he's game to give it a go, but would like at least three races to see where he's at. He hasn't been out there since '14, and he joked that even his brother James has ridden more outdoor races.

The factory Showa BFR shock is a thing of beauty...and it seems to have added something to Weston Peick's performance lately.

Kyle Peters crashed on the snow between the truck and track last weekend in Minneapolis, and seriously tweaked one of his knees. He's trying to give it a go this weekend, but just watching him get on the bike, you could tell that it was bothering him...a lot.

Henry Miller getting warmed up before heading out onto the track. He's not going to wear the Minnesota Vikings-themed helmet that he wore last weekend here. That one's going on the shelf at home.

Dean Baker dialing in Malcolm Stewart's Suzuki.

Southwick may be on the other side of the state. but there seems to be a little bit of it here, with a cool sand section.

Zach Osborne digging some sand. He's got the points lead, but the 250 East title chase is likely going down to the wire in Vegas.

Jordon Smith was third-quickest in 250 qualifying.

It was cold enough for the first practice session that Zach Osborne said the forks weren't working great through the whoops. His mechanic, Dave Feeney, was using a heat gun to try and warm them up before heading out on the second session.

Besides Marvin Musquin's bike, this is the other one on display over at the Red Bull KTM rig...

Chad Reed had this cool Rossi-inspired design for his helmet here. Chad's headed to Austin to check out the MotoGP action tomorrow.

Yep, Chad Reed picked up a new Rockstar Factory Edition to race the last few rounds...much to the "delight" of some of his sponsors, who weren't making parts or graphics for the new bike yet. The suspension came off his old bike, and Chad sees some potential for upside in the new bike.

We dig the combined Seely/Roczen bike that the Team Honda HRC squad has on display. One side is Seely's, one side is Roczen's, and the front plate is split.

Jeremy Martin's mechanic, Pedro, thought that it might be a bit of a mudder here, and he came up with this filler plate for his skidplate to help prevent buildup.

The Club MX crew had some pretty sweet helmets done up for the weekend, catering to the home crowd. They also have a sponsor who used to play for the Patriots.

Jimmy DeCotis was on hand to sign autographs for the East coast fans, after getting through the early stages of healing from the back injury he suffered at Daytona. He'll likely still miss a few outdoor races. Oh, and don't pat him on the back.

Weston Peick getting suited up. The new Alpinestars LE boots? They're groovy...

Daniel Blair, bringing up the prospect of tackling Gronk. We're going to suggest that it's probably a bad idea.

Jeremy Martin has two wins in the row. Can he make it three here? He was the fastest a lot. He's definitely on a roll.

Gear companies have a tough road sometimes, trying to balance between what the teams want, and what's going on with things like boots. The Thor gang tried to come up with something to help the gear match the LE Alpinestars boots for this weekend, and added the color stripes through the numbers on the back of his jersey. The AMA wasn't pumped on that (Thor had also been toeing the line on the rules with the mylar numbers earlier in the season). We're not sure how they resolved it, but it's likely they'll have to color outside the lines in the future.

Mookie carving himself an inside line.

Eli Tomac looks really good here, and was the fastest qualifier.

It's getting down to crunch time for Jason Anderson in the title chase. He was sixth in qualifying here, and if he maintains his points lead here, he could wrap things up as early as next week.

Christian Craig hammering along the edge of the whoops.

Sean Cantrell just missed the podium last week. Can he get it done here?

After the last mess of a track in an open stadium, and the weather around the (fortunately closed) stadium in Minnepolis, it's nice to have to some sun and dry track surface to work with here. There will be some ruts, but nothing like in Seattle.

Justin Brayton gettin' it around the sand section.

Rob Gronkowski also did a media event where he was introduced as the newest Monster Energy Supercross team rider. Of course the local media wanted to know what was up with his status with the team, and whether he was planning on retiring, but he said for now he's focusing on Supercross. You can tell how seriously Ricky Carmichael takes him.

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