Vital MX Pit Bits: Budds Creek

We can always count on an enthusiastic cheering section in this corner of the track (though it was small this early in the morning). They always pick out four of their favorites to root on.

Last week some eagle-eyed readers spotted a new skid plate on the GEICO Honda bikes, and asked for a closer view. Will this do?

We got Chase Sexton to model both sides of it in action.

This one comes out of the Asterisk Carbon Dept.

With six riders under the tent this week, they had to go extra-big over at GEICO Honda, adding a 10 x 20 tent to the canopy to make sure Jett Lawrence and Carson Mumford were both covered.

Christian Craig may still be on the sidelines while awaiting his appeal at the CAS, but it was good to see him hanging out with the team.

Hmm...if we see Supercross Field Boss Mike Muye at the races, it must be time for him to check in with the teams about the Monster Energy Cup.

Scuba checks the all-knowing laptop to make sure all the setup pieces are in place to convert Jalek Swoll's bike back into Thomas Covington's machine.

Dave Feeney was working on replacing some wheel bearings on Zach Osborne's bike. Some careful heat application helps expand the hub slightly so that the bearings will come out at least a little easier.

Reminder notes are always a good idea.

Tony Archer was dreaming of unloading the 125 out of the Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/KTM/WPS rig, and getting to race the All-Star race, but he had to handle his usual gig wrenching for Justin Bogle.

Going back, way back, to some of the original Moto XXX videos with the Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna crew.

Joey Savatgy opted out of Budds Creek so that he could be at home with his wife for the birth of their daughter. The pit board message might be normal on any given weekend but seemed particularly appropriate here.

It was good to see Enzo Lopes back in action, returning after he got his scaphoid back together.

Jared Keller normally handles a portion of the suspension tech duties for the JGRMX team, but he got called into action to wrench for Enzo. Here he refuels the bike after the second moto parade lap.

Aaron and Scott Plessinger check out times after the first practice session.

Aaron eyeing up the proper amount of rocket fuel for internal consumption.

Okay, which new set of Troy Lee Designs gear do you prefer? Derek Drake's?

Or Shane McElrath's?

That's Dylan Ferrandis' better half, proving that motocross is dangerous for observers, too. Her ankle was taped up while spectating the motos.

Fox had some new gear for Adam Cianciarulo (and you can't miss those boots).

Ken Roczen also had some high-vis gear.

There was new Answer gear for Alex Martin (shown) and Kyle Peters. (They'll also have some new stuff next weekend.)

Thomas Covington and Zach Osborne also had some new Rockstar gear.

It was good to see Thomas Covington back in action after his doctor gave him clearance to line up, though it likely wasn't the results he was looking for.

After the unfortunate passing of Jonathan Mayzak after he was hit by a car the night before Unadilla, some of his family members served as the color guard for the race at Budds.

There was also a ton of support among riders on the track. Bobby Piazza did a tribute of his own on press day, running Jonathan's amateur number, and one of his jerseys.

Butt patches were a popular way to pay homage to Jonathan. Bobby had this one...

Ken Roczen ran a logo on his butt patch and jersey (which will be auctioned off at Road To Recovery).

Zane Merrett had PatchedMX do up some patches for his gear, and Fly had him set up for Budds.

Ben Lamay is looking forward to a return to Alaska after the season is over, and is trying to figure out plans for next season.

John Short finally got dialed with a Yoshimura exhaust for his Honda. Gregg Albertson is handling raceday wrenching duties for John.

Last we checked with Mitchell Oldenburg, he was unsure of his 2020 plans. Here's hoping everyone has seats when the music stops.

Jordan Jarvis took a crack at qualifying at Budds. She missed out on making it to the fast 40, but will try again at Ironman.

How about a little style tour? Ken Roczen is always game to play.

With the return of Hunter Lawrence, we had both of the Lawrence brothers together on the track for the first time in the pro ranks.

Jett Lawrence was 26th this week, while Hunter was 12th. Let's see how they match up next week at Ironman Raceway. One thing's for sure, they both have sweet style.

Here's Justin Barcia, and some uncharacteristic red gear.

Dean Wilson knows how to get flat, and the finish line jump was the perfect place to do it.

Marvin Musquin has plenty of style, even in a straight line.

Justin Bogle 'fessed up to being limited in his training due to a bout with the Epstein-Barr virus. It's been weird to see how many guys have been affected by it this year. Nevertheless, his style? Always on point.

With Eli Tomac wrapping up the 450 crown last weekend, what's left to look forward to? Well, Adam Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis have to settle the 250 class chase.

Dylan Ferrandis gave Adam a bit of pressure and took him to the edge of the track when he went by in the second moto at Budds, but it wasn't anything too serious.

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