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Best of the 2022 Supercross season from our legendary Pit Bits feature!

Welcome to the Best of Pit Bits from the 2022 Supercross season. Scroll down, look back, and enjoy.

A sound and sight we never thought we'd see again. Thanks Chad!

Bring opening ceremonies Nac-Nacs back!

The SwapMoto crew helped out a privateer and went for a Bud Light KTM theme. Very niceeeee!

Carbon fiber parts tray? Yes please.

There's just something awesome about indoor pits.

It's just a different vibe.

Coolest toolbox ever? We'd say so.

The bottom level.

Not all bikes that make Pit Bits are found on track. Mumford built this drool worthy two smoker.

Lots of tire grooving going on this year but almost all of it we saw was in the 250 class.

Sergeant Donald Baynes USMC (holding the photo and pictured in it on the right), joined the Marines at 18 years old in 1968 and served in Vietnam in 1970 and 1971. Picture on the left is his brother, Private First Class Ernest J Baynes USMC, who also joined in 1968 at 19 years old. Ernest started serving in Vietnam during 1968 and perished while on duty on September 17th of that same year. Thank you for your service Don and for your families' sacrifice. Semper Fi.

One of the coolest helmets of the year.

Electric water pumps were the talk of town the first couple rounds.

Were you down with the Method rims that TLD ran for a round?

This rig brought about a lot of controversy at St. Louis. If you believe the rumors, it may be back for outdoors.

Now that's an airbox lid. VHM model found on Weltin's Yamaha YZ250F

The ClubMX team ran multiple bike designs this year, the MotoSport one was our favorite.

The happiest Eli we've ever seen?

We'd say so.

It was shocking enough to see this rig gain a number one plate last season and now Eli Tomac gets to add one to the door as well.

At the beginning of his year it would've been hard to predict this machine would cross the finish line first, seven times in 2022.

Whats this sensor do? By tracking the air pressure inside the fork, the team can roughly track the travel of the fork around the track. Pretty cool.

Probably our favorite TLD lid of the year.

The Solitaire team had a few special bikes this year, here are some of our favorite.

Slayer themed.

The numbers were the best part.

Probably their most popular machine of the year, their military themed machine.

The realism!

What's behind Barcia's number plate? This GoPro.

The new Fox Instincts, which we're hoping to see before the year ends.

Slipknot rules.

What fork is this? We believe it's called LSF. It's a hybrid air and spring fork that Tomac has run this season.

Ha! What shock setting is this?

Ace Archer.

FXR killed the St. Jude gear. KILLED IT!

The AJE crew and Motul came up with this unique bike earlier in the season, based off Motul's long-time partnership with PFAFF Porsche.

Want. Really...really...want.

Guess the rider.

2022 was the year of 125s in SX again with not just one but two making an appearance. Here was ERA Racing's Patrick Evans.

It was interesting to see the HRC team go away from a works part this year and run X-Trigs for a couple races. Ultimately, they reverted back the HRC setup though.

Donut life.

These sprockets were only for teams, bright, didn't match anything...but so cool.

Renthal went all-in at Atlanta this year and these LE bars sold-out quick!

This photo created a bit of a stir.

You'll get it eventually, mate.

The HEP crew went wild for Daytona and we liked it!

We lost our cowboy early into the season but he'll be back for outdoors.

Our three favorite Jerry Robin sports series bikes from SKDA. First up.

Second up.

Third up.

Ohh RJ.


The proper way to torque the rear of your machine.


A Pro Circuit bike featured a red plate again this season, although it didn't last long.

Chopstick mud trick at Atlanta for Jo Shimoda.

The Kawasaki team is prepared for anything.

Foxborough was nasty.

Very nasty.

A little excited.

This was the most badass championship celebration we've seen in moto.

Family first.


Mmmm, clean rigs.

2022 was also the year of the pit carts. Kawasaki is the grand daddy of this and has had this cart for a couple years now.

KTM and Husky with two different versions of the same cart.

A closer look at KTM's newest cart.

Impacts, mallets, gauges, and more!

The cart has its own tool set for emergency purposes.

By Custom Upfits.

A little bit of everything.

One thing will never change, no matter what round it is, no matter what year it is... BigB's truck will always be immaculate! See ya next Supercross season, enjoy Pit Bits from the Nationals!

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